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We Compared The Highest Quality Wellness Brands On The Market: Who Came Out On Top?

Forget everything you know about this product.

So you've decided to try hemp? That's great!

The hemp marketplace is booming with a variety of brands and products designed for pretty much anybody. Yet, considering all of these options, it's quite difficult discerning which hemp product is most appropriate for you.

There is a lot of inconsistency when it comes to hemp products. Between the dosage and delivery method, you never really know if you're actually receiving a consistent (or appropriate) amount of hemp-derived compounds each day.

Moreover, many brands that appear consistent offer a wide variety of products, making it even more difficult for beginners to fully understand what they are putting into their bodies.

There are so many different ways to ingest hemp compounds—oils, capsules, and soft gels, topical lotions, gummies and edibles, and even powders.

We did some research, and based on reviews from customers and notable publications, the three most popular Hemp brands are - Caliper, Charlotte's Web, and PureKana.

After comparing these three hemp brands to determine which has the best value, we have a clear winner.


Caliperonly offers a single product—a precise and consistent single-serve packet filled with hemp-derived dissolvable powder. Why powder? Caliper's hemp-based dissolvable is more cost-efficient with 4.5x more absorption than competing oil-based brands — that means that 20mg of Caliper is the equivalent of 90mg of an oil-based product.

Simply grab a packet before you're out the door, and you're good to go.

Designed by an impressive team of food scientists and manufacturing veterans, Caliper's hemp-based dissolvable is designed to help you with restless nights, stress, and even those cranky early morning wake-ups.

In addition to the product's high bioavailability, it is also flavorless and can quite literally be put on or in anything. Put it in your cup of coffee, inside your protein shake, or even on top of a slice of pizza (you'll never even notice that it's there).

Caliper's dissolvable powder is available in packs of 10 and 30.

Caliper's 30 Pack will only set you back $49.99, less than the cost of dinner out, not only is the 30 Pack their most popular option. but it is the best value for your money. However, if you sign-up for their subscription option, you can save 10% and receive free shipping on every order!

High-Quality Hemp
In Easy-To-Use Packs

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Although PureKana promises purity - no pesticides, herbicides, solvents or chemical fertilizers - organic, non-GMO and swear that they're "laboratory tested" to insure quality, we weren't totally impressed by this company.

They come across as critical of those companies in the industry that do verified lab-testing and high-quality CO2 extraction. PureKana implies that these companies can be sub-par in terms of quality and effectiveness. Which makes no sense.

We were totally baffled by their claim that we'd benefit from "digital transparency" - and that rather than rely on scientific assessment of a company's Hemp oil, we should look to customer feedback!

Even though they have topicals, and gummies, capsules, and oils at $139 for a 1000 MG bottle - if there's no science behind it, we aren't interested.

Charlotte's Web

If you're looking for high potency without dealing with a bitter taste, Charlotte's Web has got you covered. Charlotte's Web has a large range of dosages and delivery methods. While most hemp brands mostly use the same ingredients across their different products, ingredients vary across the Charlotte's Web product offering. As a result, you can never entirely be sure what you are putting into your body, even if you do consistently use Charlotte's Web.

Charlotte's Web boasts a high potency hemp, which isn't "washed out" or diluted using other oils and additives.

The biggest drawback to Charlotte's Web seems to be its shipping costs, which unfortunately can cost as much as a single product purchased online.

Overall Verdict

While there really isn't a one-size-fits-all solution for people looking to try Hemp, Calipercomes pretty close.

Given the nature of the single-serve packet, Caliper guarantees that you are given a consistent and precise dosage each day to maximize the effectiveness of the hemp-derived compounds.

Moreover, Caliper is convenient. You can bring it anywhere and put it on anything. It is flavorless, meaning that you no longer have to endure a bitter taste to gain the extensive benefits of hemp derivatives.

Charlotte's Web and PureKana can be a little daunting given their wide product offerings. Plus, Caliper's hemp-based powder absorbs into the bloodstream 4.5x quicker than the aforementioned brands' oil-based products.

Simply put, if you're a newbie looking to try hemp products for the first time, or even a veteran connoisseur, Caliper simplifies the hemp selection process to provide you with the best product possible.

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