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Don’t Live Near Costco? Buy Bulk Items at Boxed.com

A few years ago I became a Costco member because I wanted to see how much money my family could save by buying in bulk. But, the store was out of the way, and it was hard to handle my kids while also trying to carry giant packages of toilet paper. I ended up only going once or twice a year. Then, my friend told me about Boxed.com, a website that lets you get bulk savings without having to sign up for a membership or even go to a store.

I was skeptical because I felt disappointed in Costco, but I figured I would try Boxed for my monthly pantry refill and see what happened. I saved so much money compared to my local supermarket, and haven't looked back since. Now, I order everything I need in bulk from Boxed, get free delivery on most of my orders, and everything is shipped right to my door which is super convenient. Today, I'm answering all your questions about what it's like to be a Boxed shopper!

How much money can you save by buying in bulk?

It's different for every item and varies depending on the brand. One thing I really like about Boxed is that they show you how much you're saving in comparison to retail. Sometimes I use the savings to help me decide between brands for the groceries and home essentials I use most often.

I'd estimate that I save almost $2,000 a year by buying in bulk. To give you an idea of bulk savings, here are some examples of my family's most-used items:

  • Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper, 24% savings vs. retail
  • Prince & Spring Tall Garbage Bags, 55% savings vs. retail
  • Polar Natural Seltzer Water Variety Pack, 15% savings vs. retail

What kinds of things can you buy from Boxed?

Basically, any pantry staples or home essentials you normally buy at the grocery store or a home-goods store like Target you can get at Boxed. For me, things like snacks for the kids, their favorite cereals or lunch meats, and home essentials like laundry detergent pods, dish soap, and paper towels, are what I like to buy in bulk the most. That way they're always on hand. But Boxed also has health and wellness products, office and school supplies, and a whole lot more. They have all the brand-names I already know and love, plus some new brands I hadn't heard of before that are even cheaper (and make some of the snacks that have become my kid's favorites!).

Why do you like it more than Costco or Sam's Club?

OK, I love Costco but it is crazy difficult to make a trip. First of all, it's about 30 minutes away, then physically maneuvering bulk items around the parking lot is difficult, and bringing the kids is a nightmare. Boxed is all online, which takes the hassle out of shopping in bulk. I thought I would miss the free samples, but Boxed has a ton of free sample giveaways! That means they literally send me free, brand name granola bars (my fave is Quaker!), yogurts or more to try at home. Plus, it's easier for me to see all my options and savings online than in the store, and if I want to reorder something, I can view my past carts and find it right away.

Are there membership fees?

No! Unlike Costco or Sam's club, Boxed lets you enjoy the savings of buying in bulk without membership fees. Delivery is free on orders $50 and more, and usually, orders arrive in 2 days.

Does it have to be delivered every month?

Nope! People always ask me this, because they're afraid of getting locked into something, but you don't have to get an order every month. You can choose the items you want and order them whenever is best for you!

Boxed has saved my weekends, by letting me skip crazy trips driving my kids from the grocery store to Target and back again for all our weekly needs. Buying everything I need online is so convenient, and I'm obsessed with counting the money I save by shopping in bulk!

Follow this link to stock up on all your favorite brands now at Boxed! Use code "LOVEBULK" at checkout to get 15% off!

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