A woman in a bright pink sweater holds up a black BURST toothbrush

The Reviews Are In For The BURST Electric Toothbrush

And they're ridiculously positive.

A bright, beautiful smile is something that everybody wants, but achieving and maintaining that pearly white grin can be tricky.

Our editors have been keeping up with every teeth whitening trend you can imagine, and while we want our teeth to be as white as can be, we want to ensure that we keep them healthy, too.

The basis for good oral care obviously starts with the right toothbrush. We're usually so focused on whatever whitening strips or new toothpaste we're trying that we mostly overlook this most important component.

We were pretty confident that nothing could beat a good old fashioned manual toothbrush until we heard about an electric sonic brush that is clinically proven to remove up to ten times more plaque than a manual.

The BURST Electric Toothbrush has over 27,000 5 star reviews (and counting) and is backed by over 20,000 dental professionals.

BURST's charcoal-infused nylon bristles thoroughly clean and whitens your teeth at the same time. Its 33,000 sonic vibrations a minute make cleaning those hard to reach, in-between areas so much easier.

We tried it, and our teeth have never felt cleaner. But don't just take our word for it!

Here's what people are saying about the best electric toothbrush on the market:

"Extremely gentle, very efficient"

"I feel like I'm actually cleaning my teeth instead of just scrubbing away through my mouth. The 30-second intervals and 2-minute timer also make me feel like I'm getting a good brush in every time, and not overdoing it" - Luke

"Great Toothbrush!"

"I love how clean my teeth feel after using this toothbrush. I've definitely noticed my teeth are whiter, too. Love it!" - Meagan


"I've used sonicare for the last 9 years and the BURST toothbrush completely blows it out of the water! My teeth literally get squeaky clean and feel so much smoother. I am so happy with my new BURST toothbrush" - Kristi

"This brush is the best"

"I love everything about this toothbrush. The color, the tapered bristles that reach between my teeth, the 4-6 week battery life, and the lifetime warranty. But my favorite thing is that my teeth feel so clean after using it. This brush really is the best at removing plaque!" - Robyn


My teeth have never felt so clean from just a sonic oral care toothbrush. I've been using this toothbrush for a few weeks now, and I could already see a huge difference. My teeth are visibly whiter. I'd recommend BURST to anyone. My teeth feel like I just went to the dentist for a cleaning!" - Tori

The verdict is in - BURST's Electric Toothbrush is at the top of its league. It comes in black, white, and rose gold, and their subscription plan will deliver a replacement head for as low as $6 every 90 days!

The three modes (whitening, massage, and sensitive) make it perfect for those with sensitive teeth, and its month-long battery life makes it perfect for traveling.

This cleaning, whitening hybrid costs as little as $69.99 and has a lifetime warranty for subscribers. Getting whiter, healthier teeth has never been easier!

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