I Was Skeptical About Teeth Straightening Until I Tried Tend’s Breezy Braces

I Was Skeptical About Teeth Straightening Until I Tried Tend’s Breezy Braces

I’ve always wanted a “perfect smile,” but just haven’t been able to do it. As a kid my teeth were never perfect or really important to me. Now that I’m getting older, having nice teeth has become somewhat of a priority. While I’ve thought about straightening my teeth, I just couldn’t help but think how expensive, lengthy and uncomfortable the process would be.

I was naive and thought that the better care I took of my teeth, the less I’d have to go to the orthodontist. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. I even think my teeth have been getting worse! The gap between my front teeth is slightly increasing and my overbite has gotten much worse, something only an orthodontist could fix. Plus, I wanted something where I could notice a difference instantly.

Since I had some time and money saved up (because anything teeth-related can be incredibly expensive), I decided to go to the dreaded orthodontist. I was in the middle of making the appointment when I remembered that my best friend Emma recently got her teeth straightened. The only reason I found out was because she told me. I couldn’t see them at all (so, they definitely weren't normal braces). I needed to know what I should expect, so I called her before booking any appointment. She told me she got the Breezy Braces from Tend which had noticeable results quickly.

Tend? I had never heard of them, but Emma said that she has been using them for all her dental needs. They are dedicated to creating a comfortable and enjoyable dental environment (is that even possible?).

Although Emma was recommending it, I was still hesitant. I hated the dentist as it was - what would Tend make better? In a fit of procrastination (and dread) before just going to my usual dentist, I decided to at least look up the Tend website and book a consult with them. I’d much rather have an orthodontist direct me through my teeth-straightening process. While looking at all their different offerings, I was impressed by the Warby Parker sunglasses that block out the obnoxious light and they use instruments designed to reduce pain.

I had made the decision to go with Tend for a free consultation. I still wasn’t sold on their Breezy Braces since I’d never heard of braces that go on the back of your teeth. I was curious about how the braces would look, but blown away once they explained everything to me.

Since they go on the back of your teeth, they’re completely hidden! No bumps were glued on with clear aligners or anything that could be seen on my teeth. Plus, since I never had to take them out, Tend was able to give me a clear and definite timeline.

Tend got even better as they had a specialist to help me fix my teeth. I was really hoping they wouldn’t be one of those orthodontists who only saw you once every six months, and they weren’t! I was pleasantly surprised to know that I’d have an appointment every 6-8 weeks to make sure everything is going according to plan with my braces.

I was also skeptical about the whole after the braces are bonded process. Would they give me comfortable retainers? I liked knowing that it’s my decision as much as my orthodontist about when I want to take my braces out (they don’t keep the braces in longer than needed just to make a few extra bucks). Plus the orthodontist is completely transparent from the start.

Although all of this made me want to jump into the chair, switch the TV on and let the orthodontist get started with my braces, I was still wary about the price (I was not willing to invest all my savings). It was exciting to find out that Tend is covered by insurance and offers a range of pricing options. Insurance can help cover the price, and you can pay as little as $99/month (I spend way more on food).

I was completely sold and decided to get started immediately. All of Tend's wires are completely custom wires and take a little while to create and install. Once Tend made my completely custom wire, the Breezy Braces were placed, and let me tell you, once I got adjusted, I could barely feel them. They were much more comfortable than I ever imagined and about 1000 times better for my self-confidence.

I could see the difference in all of my check-ups. I always thought braces were this long, annoying process. But Tend Breezy Braces are streamlined, and help me get a confident smile.

It was good to finally tackle something I have been putting off. I felt insecure and never wanted to smile in pictures (now I try to show all 32 teeth!). Thank you Tend and the Breezy Braces. They have made my dream smile a reality.

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