The Best Way To Support Your Everyday Holistic Health

The Best Way To Support Your Everyday Holistic Health

Brandless' plant-powered health and wellness marketplace is revolutionary.

I find shopping downright dreadful - I'm incredibly selective about what I put in my body, so it takes forever to compare ingredients for quality and price. Not to mention I always forget something.

It never occured to me to shop online, until I was visiting a friend's home when her online order arrived. She told me she shops at Brandless, an online marketplace for high-quality goods. They curate a range of sustainable, fair trade, non-toxic, and organic items without the health food store markup.

Packages in the mail now are such a delight - Brandless really scours the economy for the best items and ingredients for living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

So when I saw they were dipping their toes into plant-powered wellness products, I was curious. Hemp isn't just for hippies anymore, I guess. I checked it out and...I was disappointed.

One of the things I liked best about Brandlesswas that it was….well, brandless! You weren't paying for a name, just high-quality products. So at first, I was disheartened to see products from a third-party vendor.

I thought I'd check them out anyway, and that's when I saw that they were all made with high quality hemp extract and were all formulated for specific purposes, like supporting an ease of discomfort or promoting the body's ability to manage stress.

The sticker shock put me off a little. That much for plant juice??

At first, I thought it was a huge markup. But, because I trust Brandless to always use high-quality ingredients, I knew that if I bought the calming drops, at least it wouldn't have any pointless fillers. I guess that's just what that costs.

I know it's not a cure-all - I mean, c'mon, it's a plant, but I was hopeful about their sleep drops. I can never sleep very soundly the night before a flight, and since my daughter lives across the country, we visit a few times a year. We have a flight coming up soon, and I'd like to not be exhausted for the first couple days of our trip.

I already have weird dreams on melatonin, so I hoped what they say is true, that there are no psychotoxic components in this stuff. I added an order of their least potent sleep drops to my cart, to start, and hoped for the best!

My order arrived with clear instructions for dosage. I liked that it was also delivered with Coconut MCT Oil. I tried it on a Friday night, so in case I had a weird reaction, I was free the next day. About half an hour after I ingested the drops, I felt a gentle weight pulling me to bed. I turned off the TV, brushed my teeth, texted my daughter in bed, and then felt ready to rest. No vivid dreams!

I woke up feeling normal - not groggy at all! I was so impressed by the effectiveness - I still felt sharp as a tack, but the hemp oil put me in the right headspace for sleep.

I can't wait to use this for my flight - our family can actually do "touristy" things the first day I land instead of waiting 2 days for me to recover. With no addictive properties and a low chance of negative side effects (check with your doc if you're on any medication), this is something I can see myself using regularly.

Brandlessis eventually going to put out their own version, and I'll be very excited to support them when they do it. For now, I'm a huge fan of their selections.

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