How Brandless Helped Me Get Ready For The Holidays

How Brandless Helped Me Get Ready For The Holidays

Brandless has all of the kitchen essentials, and more

Since my siblings and I were young, my Mom would say to us that she couldn't wait until she would be coming to one of ours for the holidays. I never really understood why she said this until this year when I volunteered to host Thanksgiving and realized how stressful it is!

I've been living in my new home for about 18 months, and it finally felt like I had it ready to have all my family over for a big day of eating, drinking, and being thankful for it all.

But then there was so much to think about - all the food from appetizers to the entrées and desserts, the vegetarian options, all the drinks, who likes what wines and beers and then what are the kids going to eat and drink. Will I have enough chairs for everyone? How did Mom do this every year for so many years?!

Once I sat down and got myself organized, I wrote out the menu: Butternut squash soup, and stuffed portabellos for starters, then obviously turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, and all the roasted vegetables for the main, and finally pumpkin pie and Millionaires Cheesecake for dessert. As for all the drinks, that was for my fiancé to figure out.

I was so relieved once I had that sorted, but then I realized I didn't have enough pots, pans, or dishes to cook all this food! Mark and I were getting married next year, so we hadn't invested in too much cookware, knowing we'd be building a registry in the future.

I had no time to go shopping, so I went online thinking I would have to scour every cooking website on the Internet to get everything I needed within budget.

But I found this website called Brandless that had everything I needed.

They offer home supplies at reasonable prices, sometimes wildly reasonable. They really have everything, but I needed to focus and get my Thanksgiving equipment.

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First, I got some simple, perfect-looking pots and pans. Their large stockpot, saute pan, and saucepan are all 5-ply and stainless steel, the right price, and perfect for all my cooking.

Then, for the baking, I looked at the round cake tins, muffin cup tins, and loaf tins. Which ones did I need again?

I didn't have to choose because their Professional Bakers Bundle gives you a loaf pan, 1 roasting pan, 2 sheet pans, a 9" round cake tin, and a 12 cup muffin pan. It was exactly what I needed to help me with my baking and anything that needs roasting, and also reminded me to make some cupcakes for the kids, too.

As I scrolled through the rest of their items, I picked up a new carving fork and knife for the main event. And I also saw they had beautiful Acacia wood handle cheese knives and a prep server board. I put that straight into my cart! They offer free shipping on orders over $48, too.

Any home needs a good cheese board, especially for late-night board games.

Just before I went to check out, I added a couple of sets of the 16 piece porcelain dinnerware set. They are the perfect crisp white dishes that will compliment my table cloth and place settings perfectly.

I was scared to click on my cart to see the damage, but I was happily surprised! It was way less than what I expected for all that amazing stuff. The carving knife was only $6, the cheese board was $9, and the bakeware bundle and dinnerware sets were around $50 each. What a steal for all that stuff! After I entered the coupon code to get 20% off my first order, I couldn't wait for it all to arrive.

When my Brandless order arrived, I couldn't wait to open it up to test the quality of the items. I took out the pots and pans and bakeware first, and I was very impressed. They were heavy and felt very durable. The dinnerware set was exactly what I wanted, and the cheese board and knives looked gorgeous together.

The Brandless items were so good that I went back online to buy their stemless wine glasses for only $4 a pair and their silicone ice cube tray for only $6 a pair. My father will not be impressed if I don't have ice cubes ready for his scotch. I couldn't help look at what else they offered, and thankfully I did. I found an amazing cabin size suitcase for Mark. He travels so much for work and is in desperate need of a new one. It will be the perfect addition to his Christmas present.

Since Mark and I were able to outfit our kitchen within budget, we can save our registry for more fun items and maybe a honeymoon fund!

I am so ready for Thanksgiving and all the parties and dinners over the holiday's thanks to all of the amazing products at Brandless. If it goes well, maybe I will agree to host Christmas dinner too!

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