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Brad Pitt and Gigi Hadid are Trying to Sell Us Ridiculously Expensive Cashmere - Here’s What To Buy Instead

Why is Cashmere So Expensive? Here’s How to Buy A Soft Fall Sweater Without Breaking the Bank

Celebrities need to stop. Not their petty dramas — Don’t Worry Darling cast, I’m looking at you — those get me through the day. But their needless, overpriced celebrity brands? Death to all of them.

Brad Pitt is the latest celebrity hawking stuff we don’t need at prices we can’t afford. The heartthrob actor has been active during his most recent press tour, stunning spectators with his latest, whimsical Bullet Trainred carpet style. But now I have to wonder if all those headline-making outfits were merely curated to establish him as a force in the fashion world … All so he can hawk cashmere.

What a brilliant plan. And it worked. Although I’m thoroughly enjoying my Coastal Grandmother phase, I thought I’d check out Brad Pitt’s cashmere sweaters. I even steeled myself for the prices. I estimated they’d cost a few hundred dollars and maybe I’d return to them if they ever had a sale. Oh, how young and naive I was.

Shirts from the Brad Pitt’s new brand, God’s True Cashmere, run at least $1,980 … EACH! My jaw dropped when I saw those prices. Now, I’m not above paying a titch more for a high-quality item that will last me forever (rather than getting decluttered after only one season), but two thousand dollars for cashmere? No-no-no-no-no, thank you.

Admittedly, the shirts are cool. They’re versatile, they’re well made, and they have lush details. The yarns are personally handpicked by Brad and his co-founder/friend, Sat Hari — so it’s entirely possible you could be touching fabric Brad himself touched. Plus, the button closures are made of hand-cut gemstones —7 down the front that represent your chakras and 11 total, which is the number of mastery in numerology.

Cool, I’ll concede. But what was going on inside that pretty movie star head of his when he priced those shirts? I couldn’t say. But I do relate to the impetus behind it.

“[Cashmere] has elegance, quality, and comfort,” Brad Pitt told Vogue. “It’s also something that you can keep for a lifetime — something you can hand down and become heirlooms.”

He also told Gwyneth Paltrow and GOOP that it’s the only fabric he wants to live in. “Cashmere’s the coveted cloth to be covered in,” he explained. “It’s just so damn soft and so damn cozy.”

Perhaps this is why the entire world is craving cashmere this fall. Me, Brad, and now, Gigi Hadid. The supermodel also recently released her own brand, Guest In Residence. And no prizes for guessing what she’s selling. Cashmere.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, when Gigi moved to New York, she was often cold. Basically, she lived in cashmere pieces she pilfered from her father’s closet. And now, she’s capturing that feeling with her very own reinvented cashmere pieces. Her collection features closet essentials like sweaters, slim-fit joggers, hoodies, tanks, scarves, beanies, and the like.

Gigi’s supermodel style imbues each piece with her signature colorful, playful style. She calls it “varsity funk,” and each piece “lasts forever” — supposedly. “I want clothes that feel sustainable and realistic to have for a long time,” she told Vogue. “If you look after cashmere correctly, it can last for decades.”

And all of this is great, but who can afford one thread of it? So, sorry Brad, and sorry Gigi. I won’t be breaking the bank on celebrity cashmere this fall. Instead, I’ll be shopping for cashmere essentials that have all the quality and longevity I seek at a price I can afford.

Here are the pieces I’ll be shopping for this fall:

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Banana Republic Premium Luxe Sweater - $27.90

via Banana Republic

This sweater is made for any body and any gender. The ultimate basic cashmere sweater, it blends silk and cotton to make it both affordable and extra cozy.

Love, Bonito Cashmere Blend Sweater - $35.90

via Love Bonito

This cashmere blend comes in a striped print that will make you look and feel classy on a budget. As a cashmere blend, this lightweight, casual piece is ideal for transitioning from summer into fall. Emily in Paris could never.

Nap Loungewear Cashmere Turtleneck - $145

via Nap Loungewear

This pure cashmere sweater is the ultimate cozy closet piece. Composed of 100% cashmere, it boasts a thick turtleneck and comfortable ribbed trims that enhance the cozy feel.

Skip the $2k sweater, opt for this instead.

Nap Loungewear Wide Leg Pants - $99

via Nap Loungewear

Cashmere isn’t only for sweaters. Dress in head-to-toe opulence with these wide leg pants. Crafted from a cashmere blend it offers an elastic waist, an extra-high rise, full-length design, and a loose-fitting wide-leg cut.

Gentle Herd Essential V-Neck 100% Cashmere Sweater - $259

via Gentle Herd

For the ultimate cashmere piece, shop Gentle Herd. My effortless, Coastal Grandmother dreams come alive when wrapped in this gorgeous sweater. Crafted in soft cashmere yarn and finished with a classic V-neckline, you can wear this top with a half-tuck into skirts or pants. This is a year-round essential piece that you can start wearing now and roam the world for years to come.

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