Boxer Shorts

3 Pairs of Boxer Shorts You Can Wear as an Outfit

Hop on the effortless trend with these boxers made to wear outside

Wearing boxers out is now in.

Who knows why boxers are a trend? Maybe it's because of the hyper casual atmosphere of the pandemic which took us from sweats and leggings to pajamas — long live the Nap Dress, but death to Cottagecore — and now into the peak of leisure wear: underwear. Or maybe it's the new age acceptance of androgyny and shifting gender norms, which has been spearheaded by the increasingly queer and norm-busting younger generation.

Either way, it's a sign of the times and the times are saying boxers are the new black.

The moodboard for this new trend can be anything from fashion bloggers who have already jumped on the new frontier, or movie stills that inspire you to perfect an aesthetic of artful disarray.

But, while yes, maybe some of us got used to rolling out of bed in our pajamas and working from bed, or taking Zoom meetings without taking a comb to our hair, the boxers trend has surpassed the realm of actual effortlessness and become something that appears casual, but can often contain a lot of work and consideration.

With any form of art, the general key to good presentation is balance and harmony.

When it comes to styling boxers, a lot of the styling has incorporated more formal and structured pieces to balance the casual fit and feel of a boxer short. Boxers coming into the sartorial lexicon are also a great alternative for bike shorts.

If you want something more breezy and laid back, boxers present a good alternative. If you're living out your Princess Diana fantasies, running errands in a sweatshirt and shorts, boxers are also a good choice to take the inspiration and make it your own.

They're proving an excellent transitional piece to round out summer — light enough to wear as the last gasp of good weather graces us, but also versatile enough to pair with fall pieces.

But this trend doesn't mean stealing boxers from the people you know, because … gross. It also doesn't mean finding the first pair of boxers on the rack in the men's section of the department store. As with any trend, its influx has ushered in a ton of high quality options from well known brands, small businesses, sustainable brands, and luxury boutiques.

Here are some of our favorite options from small brands.

Maison des Rêves New York

Maison des Rêves New Yorkis an Asian American owned, gender neutral clothing store which was founded to create basics that don't feel, well, basic. Their curated selection of essentials are carefully engineered with immaculate detail, each aspect of the design considered. Like a dance or a good song, the result is something that looks effortless despite all the thought behind it.

Adopt some of that energy in their Crispy Cotton Boxer Shorts. The relaxed, androgynous fit is perfect to wear as underwear or outerwear. The natural toned crispy cotton, which is meant to be worn a little wrinkled, adds texture to the look. Despite their simplicity, you'll wear them as the feature piece in your look — what a waste to hide all that careful crafting under a pair of jeans.


Donni is a brand that has fun with fabric. Their staple shapes and pieces come in different variations of color, yes, but also material. With sleepy soft fabrics like terry or sleek cool materials like nylon, they offer a sensorial experience — not just a sartorial one.

Their Poplin Boxerfeels like a fresh start, a perfect morning. The clean lines, the perfectly light poplin cotton, the classic shape and style — all of it comes together to create the dream piece. Don't sleep on the matching Poplin shirt either.

Comme Si

The Lap of Luxury. The Porsche of (not quite) pants. These Comme Si boxer shorts are so luxe that not wearing them out would be a crime. These are the creme de la creme of versatile boxers — despite high fashion brands selling their own versions — because they're made by a brand who knows intimates intimately.

Comme Si started off selling socks. The best socks ever, mind you, but still, they got their start in socks. Introducing a new product offering could not be taken lightly — and it wasn't. Their La Boxer Classica feels high fashion because of the perfectly engineered fit and the luxurious cotton. It comes in both solid and striped variations so you're spoiled for choice. If you're really feeling fancy — splurge on the silk, I dare you.

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