The 5 Best Boxers for Women

We're tired of our only options for underwear being varying levels of discomfort.

If you're a person used to wearing panties (or other underwear traditionally made for people with internal genitalia), then you know that it's difficult to find a genuinely comfortable pair.

If you find some that don't ride up, chances are they have an uncomfortable waist band, or vice versa. Thongs can be really irritating but do prevent the dreaded panty line, while your classic bikini cut usually feels better down there but bunches up and creates unflattering lines. So what's the solution?

Boxers for women (or anyone who feels like traditional boxers don't suit their body) of course!

Men have been wearing comfortable, breathable underwear forever, and just because you don't have the same equipment doesn't mean you can't partake in the magic of boxers. Or maybe you don't feel like yourself in feminine undergarments but hate dealing with the extra room that comes with buying traditional boxers. Boxers for women give you all the benefits of boxers (including that desired more masculine look) without any of the annoying parts of wearing underwear that aren't shaped for your body! Here are our favorite boxers made specifically for women!



Woxers are exactly what they sounds like, boxers for women. With a comfortable waist band that is guaranteed not to squeeze, these cotton boxers are breathable, healthy for vaginas, and incredibly soft. Best of all, they come in a variety of colors and cuts to ensure you find a pair perfect for you.

Shop Woxer here.



TomboyX has a simple reason for existing: "Here's the deal, there are women who love to wear boxer briefs. Until now, they've had to wear men's. Not anymore." The company is all about intersectionality and inclusion, and they acknowledge that not everyone who wears their underwear may identify as a woman. They have LGBTQ+ products lines, including trans pride boxers and bralettes, plus they donate to a number of excellent causes like the ACLU.

Shop Tomboyx here.



MeUndies make some of the most comfortable, adorable underwear out there, and their new women's boxers are no exception. With no buttons or unnecessary fabric to bunch or rub, these underwear fit under even the tightest pants without causing panty lines. The MicroModal fabric is soft and breathable, making these the most comfortable underwear you'll ever own. Plus, you can trust that all MeUndies products are ethically sourced.

Shop MeUndies here.


Richer Poorer boxers

These slightly more femme boxers have a real cult following online, especially since you can also buy them with matching bralettes. The no-slip waist band ensures they stay put, and the soft cotton body keeps you comfy all day long. Whether you're buying these to lounge around in or to wear as underwear, we promise you won't be disappointed.

Shop RicherPoorer here.


Hanes boxers

We know what you're thinking, "Hanes, really?" While you may associate the brand with your first pair of big girl panties when you were three or maybe the underwear shoved into the back of your drawer for laundry day, we promise the brand has come a long way since then. They now offer a wide array of styles including soft, patterned boxers for women. Plus, these are very budget-friendly!

Shop Hanes here.

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