Visit Paris for a morning with this French Press

Visit Paris for a morning with this French Press

With this step-by-step, you'll be saying Bonjour before you know it

The beauty of coffee is in its creation. Nowadays, there are so many ways to enjoy it - cold brew, aeropress, softbrew - that the power of choice can get overwhelming. However, as an avid coffee lover who needs about nine cups a day, I stand by the French press being my favorite method of all. Not only is it easy and time-saving, but you really do get the most out of your coffee beans. With my Bonjour French press, I get to savor my cup of coffee every morning.

What I love most about the Bonjour French press is it's practicality. It is incredibly easy to dismantle and clean and even easier to use. I've heard from many friends about having French presses that easily break, but this is far from the issue here. It's durable, efficient and makes a beautiful addition to my cupboard.

Some people shy away from the French press because of the many steps it requires. However, I can personally tell you that it's way less than it looks - and sooner or later, you actually start to enjoy it. If you use your hands a lot like me, you start to enjoy the process of making your morning coffee because you know that you made it. It is exciting in it's experimentation and all the different ways you are able to change things up.

Here's my step-by-step guide on making the most of your Bonjour French press:

1) Set water to boil in a kettle. However much water you wish to use is up to you, but it should reach boiling point.

2) Grind your coffee beans. If you want to save time or have access to some, having ground coffee works too. However, I feel like grinding your coffee beans is ultimately a money-saver and much more enjoyable to savor.

3) Set about 2 teaspoons into the French press.

4) Pour about half of the boiling water into the French press. Start a timer after you're done pouring.

5) Stir the coffee gently for about thirty seconds before placing the lid on your French press with the plunger all the way up. Wait 4:00 minutes exactly for the coffee to brew.

6) Once the timers up, push the plunger down to filter the grounds from the coffee.

7) Enjoy!

Total time: 4:30

The Bonjour French press can be purchased via Amazon as well as Bed Bath and Beyond.

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