Get The Cat Essentials Bundle From PrettyLitter This Holiday!

adorable cat sleeping on a fluffy white blanket

The holidays gets a rep for being the time of year for splurging on new wardrobe essentials and landing that flat-screen you've always wanted.

But did you know that this yearly sale is also a great time to stock up on everyday essentials for our 4 legged friends? Treat your cat this holiday season with all of the essentials he needs to be at his best.

PrettyLitteris the gift that keeps on giving. Prettier than every litter you've ever had before, it'll sparkle up your home.

Not only will the lightweight litter be delivered to your door, but the super absorbent micro crystals make litter box duty a breeze, and can actually help you detect potential health issues your cat may be facing!

The white crystals will change color if they detect impurities in your cat's pee, prompting you that a visit to the vet may be needed.

You'll also only have to change the litter once a month - the absorbent crystals mask the smell, meaning you'll only have to scoop out the poop.

As if a non-stinky low maintenance litter box wasn't awesome enough, the folks at PrettyLitterhave a great Holiday bundle that includes everything you need to keep your feline friend happy.

The Cat Essentials bundle, which usually retails for $84, has $25 off when you sign up for a subscription to PrettyLitter.

For just $59, your first order will include some serious swag:

  1. An anti-scatter litter box
  2. A comfort litter scoop
  3. A food bowl
  4. A bag of their lightweight PrettyLitter
  5. A bag of premium PrettyPlease cat food
  6. A fitness wand toy

Your cat will go nuts for the ultra-premium PrettyPlease food. Containing 24 essential nutrients and vitamins and probiotics for good digestive health, it's designed to keep your cat energetic and strong.

It's free from artificial ingredients and harmful fillers found in most store-bought cat food, plus having it delivered to your door means you'll never run out!

Once you have the essentials, your second order from PrettyLitter will include refills of the food and litter for just $42.30.

Never having to worry about running out of cat food or litter is the perfect gift for both you and your kitty this holiday season. So you can spend less time out shopping and more time at home dressing him up in Santa outfits!

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