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There Are So Many Reasons To Try Biocol Labs, Here's Just A Few

Wide Awake at 2am?

The world is ridiculously stressful these days. Most people report feeling increased anxiety, especially at night. It's keeping them from getting the rest they need to live healthy, active lives.

While you're sleeping, your immune system releases infection-fighting antibodies that can attack viruses and bacteria. But when you're sleep-deprived, your immune system can't properly heal and restore the body which can lead to larger health problems.

Good news. This doesn't have to be your new normal during the new normal. Get your immune system back on track with Biocol Labs. They're one of Europe's leading doctor-approved herbal distillers, laboratory, and manufacturer of natural medicine. Biocol Labs' scientifically proven range of natural solutions are drug-free, chemical-free, and deal with everything from sleep problems to liver detox.

Biocol Labs' in-house formulas utilize clinically proven ingredients and are grounded in the scientific conviction that nature has the answer for most everyday ailments.

A Visionary Company For 42 Years

Founded in Lisbon in 1977, Biocol Labs is a family-owned, post-chemical pharmacy that's always been ahead of its time. For the past 42 years, their mission has been to close the gap between pharma and nature. They offer natural solutions which aim to fix ailments as quickly and efficiently as their chemical counterparts.

Rest Easy

Something® for Dreaming will settle those whirling thoughts and worries. This fast-acting, sublingual spray combines potent, plant-based essentials such as melatonin, passion-flower, and lemongrass to support a sense of calm and promote deep sleep. Vitamin B6 and B1 both help stabilize your metabolism and regulate psychological functioning. Quality sleep can help keep you from getting sick and bounce back faster if you do.

Use 2 sprays before bedtime to fall asleep and 1 quick spritz to calm you down during the day, if needed.

Fortify Your Immune System

Something® for Immunity comes in sleek glass ampules containing a powerful mix of shiitake, echinacea, and copper that strengthens the immune system and immune defense while reducing the symptoms and duration of colds. There's also Acerola Berry, which is a more potent source of Vitamin C than oranges, and propolis, which has known antibacterial properties.

For an immunity bump, drink one ampoule in the morning after breakfast, on its own, or stir into water or orange juice.

Soothe Your Throat

Something® for a Cactus Throat will soothe the worst sore throat. Key ingredients are lemon and peppermint essential oils, propolis, copper, and Iceland moss - a unique plant utilized to tackle dry cough.

Use 5 spritzes up to 8 times a day. It works in concert with Something® for Sleep and Something® for Immunity to ensure that your system is taken care of holistically. Plus, Biocol Labs are offering 15% off your first order and free shipping on orders over $45.

Good For The Planet | Good For You

From research through formulation, sourcing, and packaging, Biocol Labs controls the entire supply chain which provides complete transparency and quality control.

Their range of scientifically proven natural remedies are GMO-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, and lactose-free - perfect plant-based, doctor-approved, straight-talking solutions for modern life.

Here's an affordable and convenient way to refuel and properly equip yourself with powerful natural remedies. Biocol Labs can help keep us peaceful and balanced during these times. Nature really does have the answer - and, thanks to Biocol Labs - so can you. Biocol Las also has a convenient subscription option that saves you 20% on every order. You can specify a delivery schedule that works for you, and you can tweak, pasue or cancel at any time.

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