The 8 Trendiest Outfits For Your Dog

The 8 Trendiest Outfits For Your Dog

Your dog should be as stylish as you are.

Winter is about hot chocolate and long walks through snowy parks, but mainly it's about dressing your dog up in ridiculous outfits because "they need to be cozy!"

So to make sure your dog doesn't freeze this winter, here are 8 fantastic, totally necessary outfits.

1. Dinosaur Print Onesie

Nothing feels warmer than throwing on a onesie and running around your house while it snows outside. Now your dog can share that experience. This onesie is especially great because it has a dinosaur print, which was very in-vogue when you were 4 and is due to make a Fashion Week comeback any time now.

2. Pokemon Costume

You love Pokemon and you've always dreamt of the day when you could own a real Pokemon of your very own. Science hasn't come that far yet, but you do have a dog. And luckily for you, seamstresses have done what science has not. Now you can dress your dog up as Pikachu, Charmander, or Bulbasaur and yell commands at it, just like a real Pokemon trainer.

3. Shark Outfit

The cuteness of sharks may be debatable, but everyone will agree that your dog waddling around in a shark outfit is very cute. Delight your family and friends by singing the Jaws music every time your dog comes near them. They may be scared by the prospect of an impending shark attack, but as long as your dog doesn't bite they'll probably be okay.

4. Dog Sneakers

Sneakerheads camp for hours outside of shoe stores for limited edition kicks. Now imagine your dog doing that. That would be so hype. Hot sneakers are the height of street fashion so there's no excuse for you to leave your dog out. Cop some deadstock for your pooch and watch out because your dog's fits are about to be iller than yours.

5. Cowboy Hat

If the massive sales behind Red Dead Redemption 2 are any indication, everyone wants to be a cowboy. Your dog is no exception. Your dog has wanted to be a cowboy since their puppy days. Now they can be. Just strap this hat to your dog's head, shout "YEE HAW" or "SADDLE UP" and prepare to hit the ole' dusty trail.

6. Goggles

Goggles are the perfect combination of form and function. Not only do they make your dog look like they just stepped out of a steampunk fantasy world, but they also protect their eyes against harmful UV rays.

7. Guitar

You might not be a famous musician, but you can tell people your dog is. After all, why else would they be walking around with a guitar? If anyone questions you, simply inform them that your dog doesn't perform for less than five bags of jerky and needs their own dressing room.

8. Your Face On Your Dog's Shirt

There's a price for everything. That price is $54.39 and that thing is your face on a shirt for your dog. You can also buy a shirt for yourself with your dog's face on it. That's basically dog-ception. When you walk your dog, people will say, "wow, that person and that dog are wearing each other's faces on their shirts." And of course, it will probably keep your dog warm, too!

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