The Top 7 Chocolates for Valentine's Day

The best chocolate assortments are rich, smooth, and a little surprising–not unlike the deal Valentine's Day date.

A box of chocolates is the universal Valentine's Day gift because it says you care without having to break the bank for a trip to Paris.

But with so many options, from gourmet to themed chocolates, the selection can be overwhelming. Here are the top seven picks to give to that special someone.

1.Godiva Chocolatier Assorted Chocolate Valentine's Day Heart


You can't go wrong with high-quality Godiva chocolates. This year's Valentine's Day gift box includes 20 of the brand's most popular chocolates, from rich dark chocolate to individually wrapped truffles.

2. DOVE Valentine's Assorted Chocolate Candy Heart Gift Box


This assortment trades a plain disposable box for a reusable tin heart. Inside are 24 pieces of chocolate caramels, milk chocolate truffles, and dark chocolate hearts.

3. Philadelphia Candies Dark Chocolate Covered OREO Cookies


As an alternative to classic chocolate filling, these decorated treats coat Oreos in a thick layer of dark chocolate. This set of eight comes with four plain cookies and four topped with extra candy hearts. The gold packaging retains freshness while adding an elegant touch.

4. Ferrero Rocher Fine Hazelnut Chocolates


Ferrero Rocher is another customer favorite that never disappoints. Weighing over a pound, this box of chocolates includes 24 chocolate covered wafers with hazelnut cream centers. Certified Kosher and peanut free, these elegant sweets are wrapped in gold.

5. Godiva Chocolatier Classic Gold Ballotin Chocolate


Godiva shows off its wide variety of flavors in this 19-piece set. You get the simple classics like milk, dark, and white chocolate with rich Belgian fillings. But the Gold Ballotin box stands out from the rest with Godiva's distinctive ingredients like hazelnut praline, dark chocolate ganache, and coconut fondant.

6. Lindt Chocolate Swiss Luxury Selection


This Swiss Luxury collection offers Lindt's unique flavors of pralines with milk, dark, and white chocolate. With higher concentrations of cocoa for richer flavors, these 14 pieces are distinctly smooth chocolates.

7. The Perfect Man 3.5 OZ Solid Milk Chocolate Man


He's solid, he's rich, he's 6 inches (tall). He's the perfect man to bring into your life on Valentine's Day. He'll be gone by the next day, but he's worth the $10 while he lasts.

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