Get The Best Halloween Decor Before It Sells Out

Get The Best Halloween Decor Before It Sells Out

Spooky Season Is Upon Us

Two things can be true at once: yes, you should love your home, and letting it reflect your tastes is a valuable pursuit. But you don’t have to spend a fortune and tons of time decorating.

With Apartment Therapy tours and TikTok’s infinite scroll of comparison, if you don’t have a specific aesthetic, it can feel like your home isn’t worthy. But all living spaces are in flux all the time! Now that Halloween is approaching, it’s your chance to go all out and pick up a few items that will transform your home into a haunted house or a scary wonderland.

Here are our favorite viral Halloween items, grab some today and make your space super spooky.

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Spirit Halloween Beetlejuice Sign

via Spirit Halloween

A contender for year-round decor? This light-up sign comes straight from the demon bio-exorcist’s graveyard. And is the absolutely perfect addition to any gallery wall chockfull of spooky frames.

The Bath & Body Works Witch Hand Pedestal

via Bath & Body Works

It’s back! And for only $49.95. Last year, it sold out and reached figures close to $150 on reseller sites like Ebay and Mercari. Designed for Bath & Body Works one-wick candles, this holder is elegant Victoriana at its finest. As of right-this-second, it’s out-of-stock. So save the page or try this 3-wick eyeball globe holder you might like even better.

The 12-Foot-Tall Home Depot Skeleton

via Home Depot

You know her, you love her. She’s the 12-foot-tall Home Depot Skeleton. If you’re not big on shopping, this purchase has the biggest impact for the smallest layout. Do nothing else, and you’ll get labeled the Halloween House. And if you’ve got the lawn space she can lead an army of skeletons for a whole spooky narrative.

When it comes to price and storage space, it's a significant investment. But add a Santa hat and she goes dual-mode for Halloween and Christmas. Add some wings and a bow and arrow and maybe she’ll even last into the New Year.

The Target Posable Pumpkin Skeleton

via Target

Much less expensive than the Home Depot classic! Combining the classic porch pumpkin and skeleton is genius. Plus, if you’re inspired by the Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman, you can dress this guy up and do a beheading!

The Johanna Parker Halloween Collection

via Hallmark

Love vintage? But tired of your local thrift store? This is the next best thing. These charming retro designs will add a touch of whimsy to any Halloween setting. We’re particularly fond of Parker’s little ghosts!

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