The Best Taking-Care-Of-Business App For Your Company

The Best Taking-Care-Of-Business App For Your Company

Efficiency has been a long sought-after goal of every business from the beginning of time. And at the forefront of efficiency is knowing how to integrate technology into your team's business strategy. For that, we turn to our favorite teamwork app, Quip.

Quip is a program that makes creating and revising documents, communication and collaboration so much easier. Here's why it's the best.

Write, comment on, and revise shared documents.

Each document is equipped with a commenting function that allows you to discuss revisions in real-time with your coworkers. You can even insert @mentions into any document or spreadsheet.

Never deal with long and confusing email chains again.

Chat all day long with your team members by using the 1:1 direct messaging and group messaging functions. This eliminates the need for distracting emails and a clogged inbox.

You can use it on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Mobile, tablet, desktop -- Quip doesn't discriminate whatever device you have.

There are unique pricing options for any kind of business.

You only have to start paying once your team has fallen in love with Quip. It's $30 per month for a team of 5, and $10 per month for each additional person. If you have a big business, it's $25 per month per person. All you have to do is start a team site.

There's even fun stuff.

Because what app would be complete without fun emojis and memes? It's essential to have these to boost office morale.

We think your business will be booming again once everyone is equipped with the right tools. Happy working!

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