Editors' Winter Watchlist: Shows We’re Binging — and You Should, Too

Editors' Winter Watchlist: Shows We’re Binging — and You Should, Too

Need something to watch — or rewatch? Our editors have the ultimate winter streaming list

White Lotusis over. For weeks, I've been deriving all my serotonin from the weekly episode drops. What will I do now? Who will I be? How will I spend my days?

Since it’s winter, I’ll probably dive straight into another show that turned my brain off and keeps the seasonal depression at bay. And the holiday season is the ideal excuse to indulge in coziness. I’ll snuggle up in a pile of blankets, warm up a hot holiday beverage, and start into my next streaming binge.

But if you’re anything like me, it takes hours to scroll through all my streaming services to finally land on something to watch. All this content is impossible to sift through. Sometimes I feel like I’ve watched everything worth watching. But there’s got to be something.

Well, no fear! Our editors have curated a selection of our own favorite shows to binge-watch — or re-experience — this winter. In a TV slump? Here’s our list of the best shows streaming right now. It’s sure to make you believe in television magic all over again.

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LKC - Mad Men, Amazon Prime

It is said that when boys hit puberty, they choose one of three toxic men to base their entire personality on: Jordan Belfort from Wolf of Wall Street, Tyler Durden from Fight Club, or Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. I’d like to add another to the list: Donald Draper from my favorite show of all time: Mad Men.

That’s my toxic protagonist of choice, the problematic king to end all problematic kings. Taylor Swift was right — it does get exhausting rooting for the anti-hero. But someone’s got to do it. So each year, I roll up my sleeves for my annual rewatch of Mad Men and put in the work.

LKC - Hunters, Amazon Prime

This is one of the craziest shows I’ve ever seen and since Season 1 premiered in early 2020, I have already rewatched it three times. The premise? Logan Lerman plays a nazi-hunting teenager during the 70s with Al Pacino as his mentor. Hear me out. Yes, I’ll watch literally anything with Logan Lerman in it, but I’m not leading you astray here.

It’s an intricate tale that weaves the personal and the political with riveting deftness. And with the rising wave of antisemitism across the world, a group of vigilantes killing nazis is precisely the kind of content I crave. Especially since it's based on a true premise. The final season premieres in January 2023 so you have until then to catch up.

LKC - The Offer, Paramount+

Good thing there’s no Spotify-wrapped-style roundup for how many times you rewatched the beach scene in Top Gun: Maverick. But if it’s Miles Teller you want, Paramount+ has got it. In this dramatized retelling of true events, Teller plays producer Albert S. Ruddy during the making of the iconic The Godfather.

It’s all the glamor and drama of Hollywood complete with real gossip and never-before-told tales from one of the most infamous films of all time. And to reiterate: Miles Teller.

Jenna - Insecure, HBO Max

Issa Rae pioneered vibe-setting and I revisit the vibe a lot. The shots of South LA paired with a soundtrack that does. not. miss. Rank this as one of my eyes-and-ears’ favorite show.

The heart’s not far behind, either. I’ve never watched a show that more clearly depicts adult female friendship, the timelines of growing up (hello, Lawrence glow up), and the complexities of moving on and getting left behind.

And for my White Lotus fans, if you didn’t watch Natasha Rothwell in Insecure, you don’t deserve her in White Lotus. She is the queen of one-liners and I do have a handbook of some of her best.

Jenna - Severance, Apple TV+

Tim Cook could say jump and I’d say how high. Ben Stiller could say jump and I’d buy a trampoline.

Apple TV+ has found it’s cash cow in Adam Scott and let’s just say the milk never curdles. Severance is dark and complex and thrilling and everything that’s wrong in the corporate world. Yet Scott, Britt Lower, Zach Cherry, and John Turturro have me demanding a transfer to Data Refinement.

I’ve yet to recover from the Season One finale. The only thing that will heal me is the Season Two premiere.

Jenna - Psych, Peacock

Watch Psych Streaming Online | Peacock

Calling Psych an ‘oldie but a goodie’ is sooo disrespectful. It’s timeless.

The unbearable chemistry between James Roday and Dule Hill is something so organic and pure that it makes me reconsider the full extent of my adult friendships because they all pale in comparison. There are times when I doubt the show even has a script – Hill and Roday could very well be improving and ad-libbing every conversation.

It follows the Law & Order textbook but with way less law and little-to-no order. It has murder, slow-burning romances, and off-the-cuff humor that if you blink you’ll miss. Which is why one must revisit all eight seasons (and the movie spin-offs) annually.

Maggie - The Big Brunch, HBO Max

The Big Brunch celebrates 10 inspiring, undiscovered culinary voices from all across America. This 8-episode cooking competition chooses one superstar chef to take home a $300,000 cash prize. This show is unlike other reality series in that it feels truly authentic. Each chef shares their stories and their business dreams while drawing each of their communities together.

It’s as if a reality TV show has gone to therapy — it’s quite personal. I’m a total sucker for the celebration of community. The Big Brunch claims that a great meal can be life-changing — just like this show.

Molly - Ramy, Hulu

Ramy follows a first-generation, Egyptian Muslim living in New Jersey. It takes on the challenges of being caught between an Egyptian community that views life as a moral test and a generation that thinks life has no consequences.

Ramy’s grappling with living in America trying to be modern, adapting to, and catching the local vibe. He recognizes clashes within his own culture, like misogyny and homophobia. But at same time, he works to advance social justice, as well as recognition and diversity for Arabs. This series is very raw, wickedly funny, and extremely intelligent.

Molly - Atlas of the Heart, HBO Max

New York Times bestselling author Dr. Brené Brown takes viewers on an immersive journey through all the feelings and experiences that make us human. Brown’s powerful storytelling shares the framework and the emotional language that makes for meaningful connection.

Season One’s 5-episodes break down and examine 30 human emotions like fear, dread, empathy, anxiety, vulnerability, anguish, envy, compassion. With the current state of the world, it’s time to cultivate meaning within ourselves and with each other. I’m always fascinated by how people think, feel and behave — and how those 3 things are connected. So, this series is heartening to me. Dr. Brown encourages us to lead with a big, full heart.

Jai - The Jinx, HBO Max

If you’re thinking about watching any crime docuseries…this is the one. Real estate billionaire and nepo baby Robert Durst has been accused of — or gotten away with — three murders thanks to his iron-clad defense. Durst had never spoken publicly about the trials until the HBO documentary…and wow is there a reason for that. In my eyes, no true crime docu will ever compare.

Jai - Behind Her Eyes, Netflix

When Louise meets David, she isn’t expecting him to be her new boss and she certainly isn’t expecting to strike up a friendship with his wife, Adele. On the surface, David and Adele look like the perfect couple… But as Louise becomes more enmeshed in their relationship, she isn’t sure who she can trust. Someone’s manipulating someone, but you can never be sure who it is until the very end. Chef’s kiss.

Jai - Ted Lasso, Apple TV+

I’m seriously hoping you’ve all seen this by now… But if not, it’s the perfect sitcom to pair with the World Cup. Ted Lasso – an American football coach – is chosen to coach a professional British soccer team. With all odds against him, Ted – Jason Sudeikis – slowly steals the hearts of the team and all of England. Lovable characters, feel-good plotlines, and it never fails to make me smile.

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