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Best Non-Toxic Pesticides

The best organic, non-toxic pesticides for killing bugs without killing yourself!

In the game of non-toxic pesticides, you either get a decent non-toxic pesticide or you die.

Whatever your reason for buying pesticides, two things are certain: You hate bugs and you don't want to inhale actual poison. That's where non-toxic pesticides come in. They're poisonous to bugs, but harmless to humans (or other smaller mammals you might keep as pets). But which bug murder spray to choose? Here are Topdust's top picks for pesticides that won't kill you:

EcoSMART Home Pest Control, 24 oz. Ready-to-Spray Bottle



EcoSMART pesticide is both potent and environmentally friendly. It's strong enough to be used outside on the perimeter of your home (stay out bugs!), but won't contaminate groundwater supplies or harm mammals, birds, or fish. It's also non-staining, so you can use it on carpet, wood, and fabrics without any worry.

Dr. Killigan's Insect Buster

insect buster


Dr. Killigan didn't get his name by being a nice guy. Dr. Killigan is a stone cold bug buster, and insects live in fear of his insect buster bulb. Okay, so this isn't actually a pesticide. It's a pesticide applicator, built to help you strategically place pesticide in order to preempt insect attacks before they even happen. As far as pesticide applicators go, Dr. Killigan's is one of the best.




PREMO puts everything in all caps because their spray is POWERFUL. It doesn't just kill bugs; it kills bug eggs. It even works on pesticide-resistant bugs. On top of that, PREMO spray hangs around for two weeks, residually protecting the area you sprayed from any insects that think they might be safe.

Trifecta Crop Control - 4 Oz - All-in-One Pesticide



Trifecta Crop Control isn't just for killing bugs (although it does), it's for killing mold and mildew too. Best of all, it's safe to use on all kinds of plants, including fruit, vegetables, houseplants, and crops. It's built from essential oils with zero chemicals, so it's totally safe to use around animals, too.

EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer Spray 1 Gallon Jug



EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer Spray is the daddy of bug-killing pesticides. It's USDA-approved and features a 100% kill rate––the John Wick of pesticides. As its title suggests, this spray is primarily designed to kill bed bugs, bed bug eggs, bed bug larvae, and everything related to bed bugs—but it works on other bugs, too. That being said, it might be overkill. Standard sprays are for children. This is a nuke.

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