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Frey's Natural Detergent Has Made Doing Laundry Enjoyable

I really never gave much thought to my laundry detergent. To be honest, I never thought there was any real difference between the products, just fancy marketing, and brightly colored packages when, in reality, the store brands did a fine job. My friend kept telling me about Frey, a line of laundry products, and how much she loved them.

While I was happy she found a product she liked so much, I didn't understand the hype. Laundry isn't even a pleasurable activity; it's just a chore that has to be done. How could a laundry detergent be making her life that much better? Frey offers a $1 sample so I figured I'd give it a try -I know how this sounds, but honestly, it has made laundry a way less daunting task!

Frey's amazing scent has transformed laundry from a chore to an actual activity I look forward to. The fragrance is beyond delightful, and it's like taking a nice break from what is usually an otherwise hectic day. There are two scents available- the original, which has been described as smelling like a bottle of designer cologne mixed with a crisp fall day, and their new scent that comes in a clean, white bottle. It has undertones of sandalwood, bergamot, and clove. I wish the internet was scratch-and-sniff so I could show you how wonderful it really smells, not like other laundry detergents, but more of a light and sweet scent. Frey honestly might be what happiness smells like!

My friend was always telling me about how great Frey'sscents were, but she never told me that their products were made with natural ingredients. I guess I always knew that regular laundry detergent was filled with harsh chemicals, but I just figured there was no alternative. But Frey is made in small batches and is free of any parabens, OBA's, FBA's, or sulfates, so it preserves the structure of the fabrics and is also kind to your skin. I've already noticed that my clothes are keeping their shape better than when I was using that mass-produced blue goo from the grocery store.

After falling in love with the $1 sample, I went online and customized my plan to include detergent, fabric conditioner, and a wrinkle release spray. I love that I get exactly what I want and don't have to buy bundles with items I won't use. The wrinkle releaser works great on all of my work clothes which saves me so much time I would have spent ironing or steaming the same items, plus I never have to worry about if the heat is too high for a particular fabric.

I finally realized that I wake up and get dressed every single day of my life, so why shouldn't it be an enjoyable, luxurious experience?! I was also surprised to realize that since Frey is more concentrated, it uses less per load, making it better for both my wallet and the environment. The traditional detergent I used to use would cost $0.93 per load while Frey only costs $0.40! Take it from me, a woman who swore by store brand detergent, that Frey is totally worth it. I'm never going back!

Update: Follow this link to try Frey for only $1!

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