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I Thought HelloFresh Was Too Good To Be True, But Then...

We don't eat frozen pizza because it's good - we eat it because it's easy. Same with take-out. This wasn't doing our waistlines or our wallets any good. We tried a meal kit service this past spring during the initial COVID lockdown and were really disappointed with it--two weeks with delayed shipments and spoiled ingredients. So when one friend after another recommended HelloFresh instead, we thought it couldn't be that good.

Our friends kept insisting that HelloFresh makes things super convenient. They streamline the cooking process and give you a lot of variety in terms of cuisine so you never get bored.

So, one evening after yet another chicken tikka masala from the place around the corner, we sat down and said hello to HelloFresh.

We were sure that it'd be a real hassle to sign up.

Well, actually - no. It was surprisingly quick-n-easy. You select a plan and choose your meals from the upcoming week's recipes. That's it! If you need to skip weeks, swap recipes, pause, or even cancel your subscription, HelloFresh doesn't put you through the wringer.

It was so simple, we were sure they were hiding something. Maybe the meat and produce were low in quality, high in calories?

But the nutritional information and ingredients are listed right there on the HelloFresh site and they seemed like wholesome, nutritious meals. And there are 6 plans - Calorie Smart, Family Friendly, Veggie, Quick and Easy, Meat & Veggies, and Pescatarian which accommodate 2 or 4 people with 2, 3, 4, or 5 recipes per week.

I thought I'd detected the flaw in this diamond - the meals must take hours to prepare. I mean, who has that much time?

Turns out you can rustle up dinner in about 30 minutes, sometimes less. That includes everything from prep to plate. We've waited longer for take-out to arrive! HelloFresh provides you with pre-portioned ingredients so you simply get cooking. No trekking to the grocery store, measuring ingredients, and no food waste.

HelloFresh sounded too good to be true. I was starting to waver, but I summoned up my inner skeptic - it won't be fresh and it'll break our budget.

But HelloFresh has got shipping down to a fine art. Their skillful - and eco-friendly - packaging keeps the produce fresh and the meat chilled until you slide 'em into the fridge.

And the cost? Way cheaper than take-out, especially when delivery fees can run up to 30% these days. And HelloFresh doesn't take advantage of the times to jack up the cost. It's part of their commitment to integrity inside and outside of the kitchen.

Throw in the variety of meals available - tender and juicy, classic American burgers to delicious dishes like Korean Beef Bibimbap with Zucchini, Mushrooms, and Carrots to Harissa Sweet Potato Pockets with Avocado & Cucumber Dill Salad, and more - and we were completely won over.

HelloFresh makes cooking at home tasty and so convenient. Simple step-by-step recipe cards walk you through concocting superb meals. It's proof that cooking at home doesn't have to be a repetitive, dreary chore.

And if you've got kids, they can help prep the produce and stir the pot. Cooking and eating together is a sure-fire way to eat healthy meals while increasing quality family time.

Oh no, we've turned into those neighbors who can't stop recommending HelloFresh! I have no idea why we were so doubtful, but the HelloFresh experience is everything they promise.

5 More Reasons Why We Love HelloFresh

A Range of Recipes - Delicious chef-designed recipes & global "taste tours"

Super Convenient - Skip grocery shopping - HelloFresh delivers right to your door

Great for your budget! - Meal plans begin at just $7.49 a serving

Flexible Subscription Model - Pause or cancel at any time

Cooking More Pleasurably & Inventively - My culinary chops are now top-notch!

Update: Our friends at HelloFresh are extending a special offer to our readers. Follow this link to get 16 FREE meals plus 3 Surprise Gifts including free first box shipping now.

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