The five best snacks with a caffeine kick

Spike your stamina

You need that pick-me-up, but another cup of coffee just won't hit the spot if you are hungry too. While Starbucks may not agree, getting that much-needed zip from a snack will not only fill your belly, but fuel your body thanks to the burst from caffeine. When you have not gotten enough sleep and you are dragging your feet, a caffeine-infused treat is the way to go. These five snacks pack a punch with pizzazz!

Awake Energy Granola Dark Chocolate Caramel Granola Bars

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Packed with the same amount of caffeine you will find in the average cuppa Joe, Awake Energy Granola Dark Chocolate Caramel Granola Bars are as delicious as they are energizing. These chewy/crunchy bars are chock full of real wholesome granola, tempting dark chocolate chunks, and gooey caramel, plus some Vitamin B for good measure. One bar is 160 calories, making this a reasonable snack to hold you over 'till dinnertime. Awake Energy Granola Bars come in Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter and Cinnamon Bun flavors too. Why not try all three?

Cost: 16-pack $32.52

Sinister Labs Angry Mills Wicked White Chocolate Peanut Spread

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When you slather a heaping butter knife-full of Sinister Labs Angry Mills Wicked White Chocolate Caffeinated Peanut Spread over a piece of bread with some jelly, you know your mom's ho-hum PB & J will never compare. Sorry mom. Not only is this sweet spread super-creamy and unique, but it is caffeinated, with 40 mg caffeine per serving. The whey protein isolate adds more protein power and the smooth taste of white chocolate is nothing like a spoonful of Skippy. If white chocolate is not your thing, go for Chocolate Craze or Killer Caramel instead. Spread and spike your stamina!

Cost: 12 oz. container $12.99

ZAP Cubez Mint Dark Chocolate Caffeinated Energy Chews

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Satisfy that craving for something chewy that you can easily pop in your mouth no matter where you are with ZAP Cubez Mint Dark Chocolate Caffeinated Energy Chews. Each cube is just 20 calories and packs in 50 mg caffeine. Each pouch of these mouthwatering morsels contains 12 chews, so enjoy as few or as many as you need to get that extra oomph in your step. Mint and dark chocolate go hand-in-hand to create a taste sensation as awakening as the caffeine itself. These chews also come in Orange Dark Chocolate and Pomegranate Chocolate. ZAP your way to zippiness!

Cost: 12-count bag $5.99

Clif Shot Energy Gel Mocha + Caffeine

For the on-the-go quick fix, Clif Shot Energy Gel Mocha + Caffeine is the go-to gulp that gives you that extra push when you are falling flat. One little packet holds 50 mg caffeine for a dashing dose of energizing goodness flavored just like the chocolate-coffee combo of mocha. At just 100 calories per shot, Clif gives you caffeination from coffee and green tea extracts crazy fast. These small shots also come in Double Espresso, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Razz. Crank things up with Clif!

Cost: 1.2 oz. packet $1.39

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