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Best Electric Shavers Under $100 to Buy Now

We put together a list of great electric shavers for men that are $100 or less.

2020 may be remembered as the year in which self-care was most important, yet the most difficult to maintain.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many people have taken a break from haircuts, diets, regular exercise, and even consistent showering. However, self-care is an important part of supporting your immune system and managing stress. Small things like personal grooming can make a big difference, even when nobody else is around.

Premium electric shavers like the Philips Series 9000 Prestige and the Braun Series 9 9299ps can easily exceed $300. However, most people care more about a quality shave than extra bells and whistles. Nobody really needs a wireless charging pad or a memory control unit with "SyncroSonic technology" that adapts to your facial hair.

That's why we put together a list of great electric shavers for men that are $100 or less. Each of these will get you a clean, close shave. These also make great holiday gifts for the man in your life!

Panasonic Arc4 Electric Razor - $79.99

Panasonic Arc4 Electric Razor

Best for the perfectionist on a budget

The Panasonic Arc4 has everything you could want. This wet and dry foil headed shaver has four precision honed 30° nanotech blades and a motor drive capable of 13,000 cuts per minute. Like all Panasonic razors in this price range, the ARC4 has some of the best shaving blades in the world.

The flexible pivot head follows the contours of your face. There is a pop up trimmer to help you define your mustache or cut hairs in more difficult places.

The Panasonic Arc4 even has a built in sensor which reads the density of your hair and adjusts the cutting power accordingly. An LCD screen on the razor handle lets you know how much battery life is left and when the device needs to be cleaned.

The Panasonic Arc4 is not the most powerful or fast shave for under $100, but it's our all around favorite.

Buy the Panasonic Arc4 Electric Razor on Amazon

Panasonic ARC5 Electric Razor - $99.99

Panasonic ARC5 Electric Razor

Absolute closest shave

Need to lose the 5 o'clock shadow in a flash? The Panasonic ARC5 does everything the ARC4 can do, but SUPERCHARGED!

This bad boy can generate up to 70,000 cross cuts per minute. That's a large jump from the ARC4's 13,000 per minute. The shaving head can pivot in 16 directions to dynamically trim your face, jaw, neck, and chin.

The Panasonic ARC5 delivers a flawless, closer shave. Why is it #2 on our list?

Right now the ARC5 is part of a holiday gift sale on Amazon. Normally the retail price is $149.99. At $99.99, it just barely makes the cut off. If you want the automatic cleaning and charging station, you will pay over $200.

Buy the Electric Shaver ARC5 on Amazon

Braun Series 3 310s - $39.97

Braun Series 3 310s

Only the basics

When a foil shaver has fewer blades, the price goes way down. The Braun Series 3 310s has 3 pressure sensitive blades on its head. Similar to the more expensive options on this list, the Braun Series 3 310s can shave wet or shave dry. You can use it with foam or with water.

Braun is a trusted company when it comes to electric shavers. This is a durable product that's cordless, waterproof, and can fully charge in an hour.

However, the 310s does not have popular add-ons like the pop up trimmer. This electric razor is best for people that just want the basics.

Buy the Braun Series 3 310s on Amazon

Flyco FS370US Rotary Razor - $24.99

Flyco FS370US Rotary Razor

Best for traveling

Always on the go? Backpacking across Europe? You might want to check out the extremely affordable Flyco FS370US Rotary Razor.

The coolest feature is the USB charging. You can plug this baby into your laptop on the train if you need to. Plus, you can use it for 45 minutes straight on a full charge before charging again.

Rotary shavers aren't our favorite because they can sometimes be harder to clean and less powerful. However, the Flyco FS370US is a quality product.

It is 100% whole-body waterproof and even has a pop-up trimmer for those sideburns.

Buy the Flyco FS370US Rotary Razor on Amazon

Philips Norelco Shaver 2300 S1211/81 - $29.95

Philips Norelco Shaver 2300 S1211/81

Maybe you have an all around the clock shadow and need a familiar dry shaving solution. Philips Norelco is synonymous with electric shaves and beard trimmers.

The 2300 S1211/81 has only 40 minutes of charge in it. That's less than the Flyco. But at under $30, this is a reliable solution. It's still a relatively closer shave, no shaving cream required.

Buy the Philips Norelco 2300 S1211/81 on Amazon

If you want more than just a great shave, here are some popular add-on items!

Manscaped Weed Whacker Electric Nose Hair Trimmer - $34.99

Manscaped Weed Whacker Electric Nose Hair TrimmerManscaped

Tired of those pesky nose hairs? Buy a nose hair trimmer at CVS and it immediately broke? Look no further than Manscaped's Weed Whacker Electric Nose Hair Trimmer.

This nose hair trimmer might cost 2 or 3 times more than generic brands, but it is worth it. Manscaped specialized on powerful, precise, durable products. Their solution to nose hairs does not disappoint.

The Weed Whacker is waterproof and rechargeable. Unlike most nose hair trimmers, the Weed Whacker won't have you searching for AAA batteries constantly.

It features a 9,000 RPM motor and a 360° rotary dual-blade system to make sure you get everything up there.

When you sign up for Manscaped's "Peak Hygiene Plan" the Weed Whacker is $29.99. Purchased on its own, the Weed Whacker is $39.99. That price is still worth it!

Buy the Weed Whacker trimmer on Manscaped

The Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5 - $330

The Braun Silk-Expert Pro

Looking for a great gift for the woman in your life? Want to spend more and remove hair permanently?

Sometimes you are done with shaving altogether. Brauns IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology uses light light to safely target follicle roots and prevents them from growing more hair. This can last up to 4 weeks.

The Silk-Expert Pro 5 can be used anywhere from the upper lip, to the armpits and bikini lines. Dermatologists in the Skin Health Alliance certify the product's safety.

$330 is not a small purchase. However, the Silk-Expert Pro 5 has saved customers $1000s in trips to salons and in-office treatments.

Buy the Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5 at

Finally we have some honorable mentions that didn't make our list:

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