FanDuel - The Best in One-Week Fantasy Sports

FanDuel - The Best in One-Week Fantasy Sports

My girlfriend and I have a mutual understanding. She can watch as many episodes of Real Housewives as she wants and I won't complain, heck, I'll even join her on the couch, as long as she never utters a peep about my new fascination with FanDuel. She knows I am a football fanatic, I mean we met at a tailgate party at college, but she also knows I basically suck as an athlete, despite all the advice I constantly shout at the TV screen to the obviously highly-trained and fitter-than-I-could-ever-dream-to-be players and their way more experienced coaches. So, when I found out about one-week fantasy football on FanDuel, I was immediately intrigued. I could now create the fantasy teams I knew in my (pudgy) gut would be dynamic on the field and put together an amazing team that any coach would envy. Plus, I can win money doing it! As long as I put a portion of my winnings towards an upgrade in my game for “date night", my girlfriend is my newest cheerleader for FanDuel.

I love FanDuel because unlike some of the other fantasy sports sites out there, there isn't that all-consuming season-long commitment to playing. With FanDuel, I can play for a week or even a day. There are over 20,000 leagues I can choose from and I can dabble in as many as I want. I can put up as little as $1 and I'm not stuck hunched over at my computer – I can play from my smartphone, tablet, etc. Hence, the Housewives can guzzle wine and squabble as I happily tap away on my phone scoring points and making cash from the living room sofa with my gal none the wiser.

If you love football or another sport as much as I do, get into FanDuel and you will see how simple and exciting it is to enjoy. Registration is free and your account, contests, and leagues are neatly displayed on the site. The listing of upcoming contests and prize pools is easy to navigate and you can make your winning lineup by searching for player names or position. You can create your dream fantasy lineup as long as you stay within the salary cap and play head-to-head against your friends or others around the country. As soon as your game begins, you'll see your team start racking up the points. Best part? You find out if you won that very day! No waiting all season to reap the rewards. I've already won some dough and I am having fun doing it. My friends are catching on too and we are all joining in on the action every Sunday.

For me, I always knew I had a knack for picking a winning team. Too bad my adult kickball league at the Y isn't quite as right on. Nevertheless, my sports dreams are coming to life with FanDuel. Give it a try, even my girlfriend's becoming a fan of FanDuel!

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