People Are Raving About This Botox Alternative. Here's Why

People Are Raving About This Botox Alternative. Here's Why

Some things in life are inevitable: taxes, failure, getting older. And while they're all unavoidable, people have been actively trying to combat them forever. For centuries, people have railed against the signs of aging in the hopes of maintaining eternal youth. Ancient Egyptians used moringa oil and salt from the Dead Sea to try and preserve their youth, and while skincare has come a long way since then, women in recent years have turned to extreme measures, like dangerous plastic surgery and expensive fillers. We ladies, know that lines and wrinkles can affect our confidence, and while there are literally millions of creams and serums promising to keep us youthful, but more times than not, these lotions and potions fall short of our expectations.

Recently, our editors heard the buzz about a revolutionary anti-aging ingredient you won't find in any other product on the market. Erasa Skincare has spent years perfecting its XEP 30 concentrate, whose key ingredient, a synthetic neuropeptide, originally found in cone snail venom, gently relaxes muscles, smoothing and rejuvenating the deeper levels of our skin. Hailed as "Botox in a bottle", this lightweight concentrate garners serious results. While other serums and concentrates tackle wrinkles on a surface level, XEP 30 penetrates deep into the layers of your skin, reversing the signs of aging from the inside out.

Erasa's founder, Jules Zecchino, most recently Head of Innovation at Estée Lauder's skincare laboratories as well as the holder of key research and development positions there for over two decades, has used his expertise to develop and perfect XEP 30. Erasa Skincare is committed to utilizing biomimetic science, the technology of mimicking the structure and function of naturally occurring substances without depleting rare resources. Erasa XEP 30 provides Botox-like results, but without restrictions on your facial movements.

Erasa's results speak for themselves. This miracle concentrate has been lauded by top publications…..

Winner, Allure Breakthrough Product

"This formula gets the neuropeptides into the skin, so they have somewhat of a Botox-like effect. I haven't seen anything else act this quickly. I have heard of formulas attempting to achieve these results, but here we are seeing data that looks quite remarkable."

Winner, Totalbeauty.com Breakthrough Face Product

"This is the closest to Botox in a bottle we've ever seen. It's smoothing and illuminating, and it fills in lines both immediately and over time. The key ingredient is neuropeptide derived from cone-snail venom, which really works, as wacky as it sounds."

Winner, ICMAD City Award, Innovation Facial Skincare

"With continued use, wrinkles and lines are smoothed and filled without blocking movement or causing "frozen face", a common side effect of injectables. Over time, age spots, uneven skin color, and even darker under-eye circles diminish. Erasahelps correct and repair the loss of elasticity, leaving you with luminous, rejuvenated and younger-looking skin."

Violet Grey, Editors Pick

"Linda Evangelista wholeheartedly admits that she's been a spokesperson for a multitude of products that she's never actually tried. But she can't say the same for Erasa XEP 30, an anti-aging concentrate that uses a proprietary blend of neuropeptides to stimulate collagen growth, lighten dark spots, brighten the complexion without freezing facial movement. Just think of it as Botox in a bottle".

The verdict is in; EXP 30's perfect mix of natural extracts and nature-inspired groundbreaking neuropeptide is changing the way we think about skincare. A bottle costs less than a single Botox treatment-the results last longer, and will actually help your skin defy aging. Turns out, the fountain of youth does exist!

Update: The awesome folks at Erasa are extending a special offer to our readers! Follow this link to get 15% off your first bottle!

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