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The Best Amazon Finds - Everything You Need & Everything You Don’t

Shop til you drop they say. I say, shop to feel alive.

That’s right, nothing hits quite like an Amazon package at your door at the end of a long day. It’s natural and you know what, we’re leaning in!

Get lost in the add-to-cart rush and find some hidden gems for your day-to-day. We’ve put together a list of all the essentials you didn’t know you needed. From TikTok sensations to well-known must-haves, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 15 Amazon products that hit the spot:

1. Air Fryer

Everyone says an air fryer is life-changing, and they’re right. Once you get this puppy on the kitchen counter it’ll be fine dining all day, every day. Cook up delights from fries to steaks in here and never look back!

This is not your mom’s Snuggie. This is better. Imagine your favorite hoodie on steroids or your softest blanket shaped just to you. Plus, the middle pocket holds your phone, hands, remote, and any emergency snack needs. Choose from 6 colors and get comfy!

3. Leggings (The One Kylie Jenner Broke The Internet With)

You know these leggings - who doesn’t? Kylie broke the internet when she put these tummy-controlling, booty-lifting game-changers on the map. Whether you're getting your squats in at the gym or chilling around the house, these leggings are the cheapest splurge that will have you feeling supported and sexy AF.

There are tons of pocket printers out there but this one takes the cake. Print everything from photos to lists, right off your phone via Bluetooth. Its pocket-sized convenience is unmatched and let’s be honest, at this price… why not get it?

Gorgeous, gorgeous girls (and guys) drink lots of water! We’ve all got our stash of water bottles that help us stay hydrated, healthy, and our skin glowing all year round. So why the milk carton? Well, it’s not just another bottle. Upgrade your drinking vessel and with this pack you get double - use one for water and one for your ~fun~ drinks. They even throw in straws, straw cleaners (a must), and travel pouches!

No matter the season, it's always time for an iced coffee. However, running to your local Dunkin, Starbucks, Blue Bottle, or Coffee Bean, etc. isn’t always the move. Now with the TOP at-home cold brew maker, you can start your day right without leaving the house.

My mom always says what makes a room is the “ambience” and the best way to set the mood is with lighting. The Sunset Lamp has been all over TikTok for months and it's the quickest, budget-friendly way to amp up the good vibes at home. Transform your space and stay in a sunset state of mind.

You’re on the move, and anyone that’s booked and busy needs this hairdryer and styler from REVLON. Dry and style at once AND get a smoother, frizz-less look than you’ve ever had before with their Ionic Technology. Whether you're traveling the world or hopping Zoom meetings, you can look your best in half the time and be ready to take on the day.

You can pretend you’re not curious all you want but this out-of-this-world kit is bound to end up in your cart. We’re taking self-care to the next level and cleaning out the ears. Not only is it cool, weird, and the next hot thing but you won’t believe the difference it’ll make to your hearing!

Once you got your cold brew going in the fridge the only thing you're missing is an at-home latte - cue the Milk Frother. Your inner barista will thank you for this one. Switch it on and get frothing, it’s as easy as that.

Have you drowned your phone in hand sanitizer yet? I’ve been tempted - especially during these wonky times - but thankfully no phones will be harmed in my home thanks to this UV Sanitizer. It disinfects in 10 minutes and charges your phone at the same time, so keep it by the bed or near the front door. Quick-n-easy, just what we like.

Your feet need love too. There, we said it. No matter how you feel about your feet, this mask will change your life. Shed that old skin in a matter of days and start every day on the right foot. While you may have seen this Plantifique mask at work on TikTok, you gotta feel it to believe it.

If you haven’t fallen asleep to your favorite song/podcast with your headphones in, you’re missing out. But if you have, then you know it can get a bit uncomfy and the worst part is getting tangled up in cords or losing your earphones in bed. That’s why this eye mask is another clear MUST we never realized we were missing out on. Now sleep and songs go hand-in-hand whether you're taking a sneaky, WFH nap or a red-eye flight.

With a slogan like “Stains hate us, people love us,” we couldn’t resist. The Pink Stuff is the modern-day OxiClean without all the infomercials and much cuter packaging. Safe to use just about anywhere with the added bonus of a non-toxic formula and natural ingredients.

Top off your cart with a toast and bring the bar home! Learn to make your favorite drink or whip up your own signature concoctions with this Mixology Bartender Kit. Once you’ve got the tools, sky’s the limit for your personal speakeasy. Shaken, stirred, whatever that means - you got it!

Fill your carts and let's get the adrenaline pumping - shop now, thank us later ;)

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