Craving a Life Reset? Here's How

Craving a Life Reset? Here's How

Planners to Help You Get Your Life Together for 2024

2023 has been chaotic. I’ve consulted an astrologer for explanations. I’ve watched countless video essays. I’ve even journaled my heart out to get to the bottom of this chaos. While I have not come to any conclusions, one is becoming abundantly clear: it can only go up from here.

I have hope for 2024 — I have to. After all, the hope is that next year will be more fun, more forgiving, and less crazy. But I can’t go on with hope alone. Instead, I am relying on the resources my Capricorn placements turn to in times of trouble: lists.

Lots of them. I love to make lists, plans, and Notion pages to untangle my thoughts and make them feel more concrete. And while I love a Notes app plan to change my life, nothing beats putting my thoughts to paper in a good old-fashioned planner.

Every year, I buy a new planner and hope that this will be the one that changes my life. Needless to say, I’ve tried every popular planner out there. This year, I’m using a different approach. Yes, I’ll still be buying a new planner to feel like I have a new slate. But I will be looking for something more than a date book. I am seeking a Life Reset and will be finding a planner that can map out exactly how to get all areas of my life back together in the next year.

I’m sure you’ve seen the reset videos on the internet. TikTokers love using the word reset when really they just mean “clean.” But the reset concept used correctly can be a powerful, inspiring thing. Just what you need to push you out of a flop era. But to properly reset your life, you need the right tools.

What is a Life Reset?

A Life Reset is like a deep cleanse for all the major parts of your life. It’s a metaphorical “everything shower": a comprehensive scrubbing down of your home, finances, wellness, mental health, and social life. It’s like rearranging a cluttered room; it involves sifting through the clutter in your life, discarding what’s no longer serving you, and creating space for what the New Year brings.

I like to think of it as a form of manifestation that starts with action. By decluttering your current baggage, you leave room to attract all the things you’re manifesting — whether that’s a raise or a marriage proposal from Harry Styles.

Manifestation isn’t just wishful thinking. It's about intentional alignment. To align intentionally, you need awareness. That’s where a life edit steps in. It’s a roadmap that guides you to identify what’s holding you back, what you crave more of, and what you’re willing to bid farewell to.

How to Approach a Life Edit

1. Reflect: Begin by journaling about the six key areas: Digital, home, financial, wellness, mental health, and social life. How are you doing? What are your priorities? Where could you be putting more energy? Dig deep and be honest with yourself. Feel free to rant about how chaotic this year has felt.

2. Plan out your next steps: This is where your planner comes in. Now that you know where you are, you need to decide where you want to be. Dream big. Then map out the space between them. Use your planner to lay out some concrete steps to reach your goals. Give yourself timelines. It might seem over the top or Type A, but once you exit your flop era, you’ll thank me.

3. Take Action: Start with a section that feels manageable. For instance, if digital decluttering seems less daunting, dive into organizing your devices, clearing inboxes, or reevaluating your online presence. Move progressively through each area. Stick to your timelines and your goals.

Planners to Guide You Through 2024

Each planner offers a unique approach to organization, catering to different preferences and styles. Whether you prioritize mindfulness, productivity, or goal-setting, there’s a planner tailored to align with your aspirations.

Remember, a life reset isn’t a one-time affair; it’s an ongoing journey. And, you can do it any time you want — it doesn’t have to start with a new year. But you have to admit, the “New Year, New Me” feeling is pretty inspiring. So allow yourself to get swept up in the fervor. Use it to manifest your dream 2024 and life beyond.

With these planners by your side:

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Productivity Method: The planner that launched a 75,000-person waitlist. The Productivity Method is a viral timeblocking and planning method by Grace Beverly, businesswoman and CEO of TALA and Shreddy. After an initial limited run, these planners are now available as a Notion digital planner. You can also wait for the next physical restock of the planners by signing up for updates.

Papier Wonder Planner: A viral favorite. That Girl has this planner for sure.

Artful Agenda: Artful Agenda combines the fun and personalization of a paper planner with the convenience of a digital calendar. Choose your cover design, pick your handwriting, color code events, and personalize with stickers.

Day Designer: Day Designer was created to help you overcome overwhelm and live a more organized, productive, and intentional life. Beautiful designs combined with easy to use planning pages inspire and empower you to live a well-designed life.

Laurel Denise: The ultimate paper planner created based on how our brains actually work. Founded in 2020 by Laurel Smith, Laurel Denise patent-pending planners are the only products on the market that allow you to view your entire month, week, and daily schedule at the same time.

Blue Sky x Ivory Paper Co. 2024 Collection: Filled with romantic florals and timeless pastel covers, Ivory Paper Co. for Blue Sky features picture-perfect planners, calendars, and accessories that are fresh, feminine, and always fun!

Blue Sky x Rachel Parcell 2024 Collection: Perfect for a fresh start, Rachel Parcell for Blue Sky blends floral design and clean, elegant layouts, adding a romantic touch to your workday routine.

Panda Planner Pro: Perfect for boosting productivity and happiness, this planner incorporates daily, weekly, and monthly sections along with gratitude and reflection prompts. Its scientifically backed framework aids in achieving balance.

Passion Planner: Much more than a scheduling tool, this planner encourages users to define their long-term goals, break them down into actionable steps, and weave them into daily life. It’s a blend of a calendar, journal, and goal tracker.

The Clever Fox Planner: This planner focuses on enhancing productivity and time management. It includes features such as habit trackers, vision boards, and ample space for goal setting, ensuring a comprehensive organizational experience.

BestSelf Co. Self Journal: Ideal for goal-oriented individuals, this planner combines a 13-week roadmap, daily productivity layout, and reflection space. It’s a condensed yet powerful tool to structure your ambitions.

The Full Spectrum Planner by Savor Beauty & Spa: This holistic planner is designed to align your mind, body, and spirit. With sections for intentions, self-care rituals, and goal-setting, it infuses mindfulness into your planning routine.

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