Best 100% grass-fed dairy creamery yogurt – Maple Hill Creamery cream on top

. It's the cream of the crop because the cream's on top!

Yogurt makes for a good breakfast or snack, but most of the time, nobody's really raving about their dairy-based nosh. After someone downs a slice of cheesecake or a milkshake, then you may hear how delicious their treat was and how you must try some, but yogurt? Not many cheers for the stuff.

But if everyone was eating Maple Hill Creamery cream on top 100% grass-fed creamery yogurt, you better believe you'd be hearing about it. It's the cream of the crop because the cream's on top!

Not only is this yogurt rich, thick, and flavorful, but that 'creamline' layer at the top of the container is so delectable, it's hard to imagine what lies beneath could match its level of scrumptiousness. And talk about taste – Maple Hill's cream on top comes in unbelievably tasty flavors including apple cinnamon, strawberry banana, lemon, vanilla, maple, orange crème, wild blueberry, and plain for those looking for purity. I can't say I've tried them all yet, but let me tell ya, maple is divine! Made with 100% organic maple syrup, this yogurt tastes naturally sweet and fresh as can be.

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So, yes, the yogurt is amazing, and you can feel good about eating it too. Maple Hill's whole-milk dairy is 100% grass fed. The cows are never fed anything but grass – no grain and no corn. Not only is this better for the animals and the Earth, but it creates a "uniquely fresh, earthy flavor and buttery-smooth texture." The company never adds excess sugar, artificial flavors, or thickeners.

If you love the cream on top yogurts as much as I do, get excited because Maple Hill also makes drinkable yogurt, kefir, Greek yogurt, raw milk cheeses, fresh mozzarella, and milk.

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The next time you're in the dairy aisle, grab a container of Maple Hill creamery cream on top. You won't find another yogurt that tops it!

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