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How to Transform Your Bedroom into a Staycation Paradise

Why do we leave our bedrooms, ever?

The cost of all these products combined could probably buy you a trip to Florida, but then you'd have to pay for food, water, alcohol, accommodation, sunglasses (because of course you lost yours on the last trip), and all those combined equal your monthly rent. In contrast, even investing in one of these products can make your life a little better—because I said so, and I am your guide for changing your everyday life and offering solutions to all your problems.

VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser

turn bedroom into paradise

Investing in an aroma diffuser is life-changing. Essential oils can create the illusion that you, in fact, have no problems.

Ziraki Lumbar Pillow

turn bedroom into paradise

Whether you want to experiment with odd positions in the bedroom or just want to be comfortable as you sit up all day watching Netflix shows, you can't go wrong with a lumbar pillow. They're practical, so why not add some comfort to your sad life?

Black+Decker's Mini Fridge

turn bedroom into paradise

If you really want to turn your bedroom into a hotel suite, ball out on a mini fridge, so you don't ever have to leave your room for food. Unfortunately, you will still have to leave your room to go to the bathroom, unless you're rich and have an en suite bathroom, which of course you do if you can afford a mini fridge!

NICETOWN's Blackout Curtains

turn bedroom into paradise

Do you not want to know what time of day it is? Do you want to sleep in with no guilt? Blackout curtains are for those who want to sleep until 1 PM because, well, they can. Sleep all day, drink all night, and buy blackout curtains!

Jersey Slumber's Eye Mask

turn bedroom into paradise

If you don't love yourself enough to invest in blackout curtains, this eye mask is for you. It goes on your face, and that's about it. Enjoy!

Seven Apparel's Bathrobe

turn bedroom into paradise

No one feels more glamorous and pampered than when they throw on a fluffy bathrobe after a much needed shower (you know who you are, don't deny it). Stop using the same old nasty bathrobe you've had since seventh grade—it's time to grow up and upgrade!

GaraTila's Fun Slippers

turn bedroom into paradise

Don't want to Swiffer or vacuum your floors because you're lazy and would rather ignore all your responsibilities? Shuffle around all day and night in slippers instead! No need to fret about the gross feeling of lint on your feet, just ignore it and slip on this nice pair of house shoes!

Hershey's Chocolate Hearts

turn bedroom into paradise

Place chocolate hearts on your pillow to convince yourself life is beautiful and you deserve everything. Because you do.

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