Beard Club Reviewed - Too Good To Be True Or A Genuine Solution?

Beard Club Reviewed - Too Good To Be True Or A Genuine Solution?

When it comes to beards, I have to admit that mine has never been one to write home about – it’s always been patchy and has never grown past a few centimeters.

For a few years, I just gave up on the idea of being one of those guys with an awesome ass beard. Then, one day, I ran into Calvin, an old buddy of mine, who was sporting a beard that even Jason Mamoa and George Clooney would be proud of.

I remembered his beard being like mine during our undergrad days, so I asked Calvin what he was doing to get such a majestic mane. He said his secret was Beard Club - a brand creating next-level beard essentials that help men grow and maintain healthier beards.

Honestly, it sounded too good to be true. But I can’t lie, I was intrigued.

Plus, if Beard Club worked out, it would be a game-changer for me.

So I went home and deep-dived into Beard Club to see if they really could work for me.

It turns out they offer all things beard, no matter what look I want. Even better, they have growth kits designed to help guys like myself finally leave the patchy phase and enter a new beard era. There’s The Starter Kit, The Advanced Kit, or The Ultimate Kit.

After reading some reviews, I realized I didn’t have much to lose if it didn’t work and a hell of a lot to gain if it did. So I went and ordered The Ultimate Kit.

The Ultimate Kit Unpacked:

  • The PT45 Beard and Hair Trimmer has a razor-sharp blade for a clean cut, and 8 color-coded guides for 45 unique beard-trimming lengths — allowing me to personalize each trim and cut.
  • Beard Derma Roller is designed to stimulate new beard growth and will help improve the look and feel of my skin.
  • Beard Shampoo is a genius mix of Rosemary Extract, Aloe Vera, and oils like Coconut, Castor, and Jojoba designed to keep my beard dandruff-free.
  • Derma Roller Cleansing Spray is made to be used before and after I use the derma roller. It not only keeps it clean but prevents dirt and bacteria from getting onto my skin.
  • Beard Growth Oil contains a blend of oils like Castor and Coconut Oil to stimulate my facial hair growth. It softens my skin, eliminates irritation and split ends while rejuvenating thick beard hair — an outstanding beard enhancer, in my opinion.
  • Beard Growth Vitamin Spray features Biotin, Bamboo, Vitamin D, Peppermint, and Lavender Hydrosol, which keeps my beards hydrated all day.
  • Beard Growth Vitamins support healthy bodily functions, healthy Testosterone production, and are known for their positive effect on the growth of healthy hair, beard, and skin.

Bonus Gifts: a mustache comb crafted from Sandalwood, a beard brush made with Birchwood, and a beard brush designed with Pearwood.

Then came the moment of truth.

Right away, I could tell that the PT45 Beard and Hair Trimmer wasn’t anything like the cheapo drugstore trimmer I bought years ago. It's made from high-quality materials, and I knew that it would be the best razor I’ve ever used.

Beard Club’s trimmer has allowed me to achieve the perfect, all-around beard length, which I have never managed before with other trimmers. And get this – the PT45 literally never dies. It’s powered by a lithium-ion battery, offering 3 hours of battery life per charge!

The oils and Beard Club’s Derma Roller are easy to use and incorporate into my routine. Not to mention, I love the way everything smells – Like a champion!

More importantly, after 7 weeks or so, I’ve already seen REAL results. My beard looks fuller, shinier, and neater than ever. And can I talk about how confident a fuller beard has made me? Not only do I look good, but I feel incredible, and I’m always getting compliments — my girlfriend isn’t complaining, either!

Believe me when I say once you unwrap the box and see for yourself how amazing this kit is, you know it’s an investment that pays for itself. Unlike other razors, you don’t need to replace Beard Club products regularly.

Editor’s Note: Of course, I know there’s no magic pill that will help me grow a beard overnight – Still, it helps knowing Beard Club has a Beard Growth Guarantee** AKA If I follow their guidelines, plus, document my progress, and still aren’t seeing any results after five months, I become eligible to receive a refund on my last 5 month's worth of Beard Club supplies***.

I HIGHLY recommend this to guys out there who haven’t been able to grow a full beard but have always wanted to upgrade to your best beard. Beard Club really works.

Don’t sit around wasting time being skeptical like I was. Join Beard Club today and step up your beard game!

Beard Club is currently offering 25% off their entire site — for a limited time our readers can use code TOPDUST25 and get 25% off!!.

*Prices after discount applied.

** To qualify for the guarantee, you must use your monthly auto-shipments for 5 consecutive months.

***Determinations of eligibility are made at the sole discretion of The Beard Club. All claims must be made within 90 days of the date of customer's last growth guarantee eligible order.

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