Beard Care Showdown: Our Men’s Style Editors Reviewed Beard Club & Wild Willies

Beard Care Showdown: Our Men’s Style Editors Reviewed Beard Club & Wild Willies

Tired of walking around with a patchy beard?

First off, you’re not alone.

Secondly, a few of us at the office aren’t rocking the beards of our dreams either. Our editors tried everything under the sun to grow a better beard. So far, nothing has impressed us.

When we logged into YouTube to find some tutorials and recommendations, we found most YouTubers talking about two brands: Beard Club and Wild Willies.

Our mission is to help our readers (and, frankly, us!) grow healthier beards. So, we decided to jump in and review both brands’ beard growth kits.

Here’s what we discovered:

Major Similarities

  • Both Beard Club and Wild Willies offer beard kits
  • Both offer beard accelerators and growth vitamins
  • Both offer products free of harsh chemicals

Major Differences

  • Beard Club goes beyond grooming, offering trimmers, cleaning products and growth accessories | Wild Willies is more focused on core beard care essentials
  • Beard Club features a quiz that will help you create a personalized kit designed to combat your beard issues. Wild Willies offers less in the realm of product education.

Beard Club

Beard Club is a men’s grooming company helping guys everywhere grow and maintain healthier beards to rival Jason Momoa, George Clooney, and other legendary beard holders. Even their spokesperson is none other than “the beard” himself, James Harden.

Beard Club offers all things beard– whether you’re looking to rock a short, hipster, trendy, fashionable, long, full beard, or even a sleek goatee — buying one of their awesome Beard Growth Kits will help you grow that fuller, thicker looking beard you’ve been waiting for.

Beard Club tops the competition by going above and beyond! Their nourishing Beard Growth Vitamins and Beard Growth Spray set them apart. Their vitamins contain 20 essential vitamins and minerals – including B vitamins and vitamin D – known to promote healthy facial hair growth.

One of the hottest perks from Beard Club is their Beard Growth Guarantee.* Anyone who follows their guidelines, documents their progress, and still isn’t seeing results after 5 months, is eligible to receive a refund on their final 5 months of Beard Club supplies**. That’s how confident they are that their products will work for you!

Wild Willies

Wild Willies is a men’s grooming brand that specializes in the basics of beard products. They offer a range of items:

  • Beard oils and balms
  • Beard waxes
  • Shampoos
  • Grooming kits

Wild Willies offers various kits, but none are as robust or well-rounded as those that Beard Club offers. In fact, when you look at the two brands–he only one that comes close to any Beard Club kit is Wild Willies’ Complete Beard Styling Kit which highlights their safety razor.

We’ll just say there’s no way this thing can do half of what the Beard Club’s PT45 Trimmer is able to.

Our Final Thoughts

While you might think to grab Wild Willies due to the slight price difference, the value you get from Beard Club’s quality tools and products is unmatched.

With Beard Club, you never have to worry about replacing razor heads or searching for alternate brands to fulfill everything Wild Willies lacks. Beard Club products are high-quality and built to last, so in the end, it’s the smarter investment.

BONUS: With Beard Club’s Ultimate kit, you also get the unparalleled PT45 Beard and Hair Trimmer. All of our style editors agree that a well-groomed beard makes the look,– and with 45 unique trim lengths, this trimmer is perfect for a clean & crisp shape up from the comfort of your bathroom.

Stop with the tired brands that don’t work. Why keep wasting your time when you can join Beard Club?

Take your beard gains to the next level and join Beard Club today.

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** To qualify for the guarantee, you must use your monthly auto-shipments for 5 consecutive months.

***Determinations of eligibility are made at the sole discretion of The Beard Club. All claims must be made within 90 days of the date of customer's last growth guarantee eligible order.