Be Your Own Task Programmer With This Productivity App

Be Your Own Task Programmer With This Productivity App

The app world is rapidly growing. Apps have become our own personal assistants -- picking our ultimate music playlists, allowing us to share videos instantly, and lining up our daily tasks and calendars. But if you thought everything was easy enough, it can even get easier. Introducing, Workflow.

Workflow is an app that allows you to program your daily tasks to eliminate the steps it takes to complete them. For example, you can link Workflow with all of your apps to create personal assignments from making gifs, to uploading photos, to making PDFs in Safari.

Workflow is only limited by your imagination. There are endless possibilities for you to assign a series of actions based on your current apps and data. There are over 200 actions you can play around with, such as Save to Dropbox, Copy to Clipboard, Play Music, and Get Directions.

Once you program your perfect series, you can save your workflow on your home screen with your own personalized icon -- basically, this means you made an app! And don't worry, if your app is rather simple, you can get inspired by the gallery of advanced workflows made by users worldwide.

You don't have to know code to program like a coder. Workflow automates your daily tasks so you'll be freed up to spend time on other tasks that require your full, human attention.

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