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Here’s Why BarkBox Is The Must-Have Subscription For Dog Parents

Dogs are the most loyal and trustworthy companions out there. In many ways, our furry friends aren't just pets, but integral to our well-being and our family life.

But our dogs need entertainment too. Boredom often leads to them entertaining themselves in naughty ways — like treating our couches like chew toys!

Our editors wanted to help our readers keep their dogs amused — without picking up toys at the pet store or endlessly scrolling for offbeat trinkets that will delight your pup. Meet BarkBox, a subscription service that sends you themed toys, wholesome treats, and LOTS of dog excitement each and every month including freebies like: Free Blink Camera or Double Stuffed First Box with sign up

Here are three different dog owners’ stories about why they love BarkBox:

The Single Dog Mom

Favorite Feature: Get ready to play

Experience: I recently moved into a new house — just me and my fluffiest friend, Max. Since I work a lot, he often finds himself with little to do and will chew anything in sight. Last month, he destroyed my brand new couch.

Still, I felt guilty and knew I had to do something to keep him happy while I’m gone all day. And ASAP, before he destroyed everything I own.

Thankfully, I discovered the quick delivery option from BarkBox, ensuring most boxes are on your doorstep within 5 days. Their service has been a game-changer, providing Max with a variety of themed toys and healthy treats in each box every month.

When the first box arrived it was full of fluffy, squeaky toys that keep Max entertained for hours while I’m at work. And the two bags of treats made with wholesome ingredients that keep his taste buds pleased and happy. The box even included a surprise gift allowing for some fun tug-of-war sessions in the backyard. Plus, we received a free Free Blink Camera with sign up, so I could keep an eye on Max when I wasn’t home.

Thanks to my BarkBox subscription, Max is never bored. And I'm saving my furniture from Max’s further adventures — yay!

The Couple That Treats Their Dogs As If They’re Kids

Favorite Feature: Create the perfect box

Experience: Many assume we got our dogs only as a warm-up for parenthood, but that's not our story. Our two husky pups, Luna and Milo are more than just pets — they're our world. Each glance at them fills our hearts with immeasurable love.

BarkBox gets it — they understand that each dog is unique, just like our huskies, who couldn't be more different from each other. Their service is incredible because they create the perfect box for your dog. You select the box based on your dog's size, play style, and even allergen needs.

After signing up we received a Double Stuffed First Box which was 2X the toys and treats, valued at $35. This is perfect if one of your pets chews on their toys harder — like our Luna. And after a few months, if you still need extra toys, you can add them to your next box.

It's been a few months since we subscribed to BarkBox and our huskies adore it. They think every delivery is their monthly box — or maybe they just like barking at the delivery man!

Regardless, watching their excitement over their new BarkBox toys brings us miles of smiles. BarkBox doesn't just spoil our dogs, it enriches our lives.

The Family That Has Everything

Favorite Feature: Subscription

Experience: I have a big, boisterous family — 4 kids, 1 big dog named Bruno and our beloved puppy, Zoe. A lot, I know, I know. The house is never quiet. Amidst the chaos the occasional toy falls prey to our rowdy pups. Balancing the toy needs of both kids and pets seemed impossible until we found BarkBox.

BarkBox has an incredible subscription service where I can choose between a monthly, 6-month, or 12-month subscription. And they’re super affordable — the 12-month plan is only $20 a month. Our home’s now a treasure trove of toys for everyone.

Thanks to BarkBox, I no longer worry about entertaining my pets when I'm helping with homework. Plus, there are allergy-free treats for my furry kids. This service has simplified our busy lives, allowing us to focus more on the joy our big, beautiful family brings.

Final Thoughts

Your pups deserve to be pampered and BarkBox does exactly that. Surprising them with afresh collection of monthly treatsis a fantastic way to ensure they stay joyful and utterly smitten with you.

So, if you need help keeping your pups amused and entertained, definitely give BarkBox a try.