Is Atlas Coffee Club Worth It?

Is Atlas Coffee Club Worth It?

Our editor tried Atlas Coffee Club, here's our review...

I can't go a day without drinking coffee.

Ever since I started, I've been coming back to the same brand from the grocery store every time. I've tried a few others and have always been disappointed, or barely able to taste a difference, so I just stuck with it.

But now my taste is evolving and I want to branch out and try something new. I remember a colleague of mine always got her coffee delivered to the office in the most colorful and fun packaging. I asked her what it was and she told me it was a company called Atlas Coffee Club.

Atlas Coffee Club sends you a curation of the world's best single origin coffees. A coffee subscription? It seemed a bit unnecessary to be honest - what if they sent me too much? I prefer dark roast coffee, what if I was only sent light roast? Also, I don't have a grinder, so it would need to arrive in ground form.

Still, I found it intriguing so I looked it up. Turns out you get to choose your preferences when you sign up!

You select the number of bags (or cups) you want per shipment, if you want it every 2 or 4 weeks, your roast preference (light to medium, medium to dark, or all roast types), and if you want whole bean or ground.

Once I saw all these options, I decided to give Atlas Coffee Club a shot to see what it would taste like. I liked the idea of trying coffee from all around the world and I could always cancel the subscription at any time if it didn't suit me.

I went with the 12oz bag (30 cups) every 4 weeks, of grounded medium to dark roast. Not long after, my first delivery arrived at my doorstep and I was immediately drawn in by the colorful patterned packaging. I opened it up and there was a postcard saying "Ethiopia" along with some tasting notes (Raspberry, Blueberry, Milk Chocolate) & brewing tips.

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I had never had coffee from Zambia before (that I knew of) and I was excited to try it. The next morning I brewed myself a cup. It was so tasty and I could really taste the difference from what I normally buy - there was no bitterness or burnt taste, it was much nicer!

By the end of the first month, I was excited to see where my next shipment would take me. I opened the box… Indonesia! This one was even more delicious than the previous one. Its tasting notes were "Earthy, Bell Pepper, Rich Chocolate". My mom even tried a cup and loved it. She was fascinated reading about where the coffee came from. I know what I'll be getting her for her birthday next month now - a gift subscription to Atlas Coffee Club, so we can travel the world of coffee together.!

I've been a member of Atlas Coffee Club for a few months now and have gone on a world tour of coffee. I've tried coffee from Costa Rica, India, Burundi, Papua New Guinea, and more! And I've never been disappointed. No matter where the coffee comes from, the quality is always high with Atlas because their coffee is always specialty grade (that's the top 1% of all the coffee in the world) and freshly roasted to order. Turns out most coffee you find on the shelves is stale and has lost most of its flavor, so I'll never go back to the store bought stuff.

If you want to get coffee from all over the world freshly roasted to your preference and delivered to your doorstep, you need to try Atlas Coffee Club. You can start your own coffee world tour here.

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