What You Need To Know About Atlas Coffee Club

What You Need To Know About Atlas Coffee Club

Coffee has always been loved, but over the last few years, it's really blown up, especially with all the trends on TikTok.

For the first time, we're all starting to realize that there's a whole world of coffee out there.

But still, most of us have the same coffee every day; we settle for whatever we can find on the shelves even though there are so many countries around the world that are known for their coffee. Plenty of us want to branch out but we aren't sure how to find coffee from rare coffee countries, or which countries to get coffee from.

Looking for a place to start, our coffee-loving editors found Atlas Coffee Club, a subscription service that sends you single-origin coffee from around the world in the most unique packaging. We tried it and have to say, we loved it!

Curious to know more? Here are the answers to all your questions.

Where do they source the coffee from?

Did you know that over 50 countries grow coffee?! You can only find a handful on the shelves, but Atlas Coffee Club scours the globe to source the highest quality coffees from all around the world, with the mission to introduce you to the world's best coffee. Each month Atlas sends you a new coffee from a new country like Tanzania, Kenya, Peru, Guatemala, EcuadorMyanmar, India, and so many others. These aren't coffees you can find anywhere else — each micro-lot batch is exclusive to Atlas subscribers.

How does the subscription work?

After selecting the number of bags per shipment, how often, every 2 or 4 weeks, you also have the option of selecting your roast preference between light-medium, medium-dark, or all roast types and if you prefer ground or whole bean.

Once you've selected your preferences and filled out your details all you have to do is wait for your coffee to arrive!

An Atlas subscription is designed to work with your schedule, so you can always skip a shipment, customize your delivery amount and frequency, or cancel at any time.

Atlas Coffee Club
Roasts From Around The World
Delivered To Your Door

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What does it taste like?

Thanks to the climate, soil, and more, high-quality coffee can taste entirely different from country to country. Coffee from Atlas is always specialty grade (that's the top 1% of all coffee grown in the world!) and always single origin, so you get to taste the best representation of coffee from each country.

Each shipment includes naturally occurring tasting notes to look out for — from notes of Grapefruit, Citrus, and Baker's Chocolate in the Kenyan coffee, to hints of Marzipan and Milk Chocolate in the Indian coffee.... each month, offers something uniquely delicious.

Is it fresh?

Each batch of coffee is roasted to order, so by the time it reaches your doorstep it's right at peak freshness (AKA peak flavor!) When you open the bag to brew your first cup it is incredibly fresh and flavorful, unlike coffee that's been sitting on the shelves and going stale for weeks or months.

How much does it cost?

You have the choice between the double bag (most popular) which offers you around 60 cups and costs $28. The single bag is 30 cups for $14 and a half bag is $9 for 15 cups. The choice is completely yours.

Is it really better than store-bought coffee?

After a year of subscribing and exploring the world of coffee, our editors can definitively say: yes! It's all specialty grade, so you know you're getting the best possible quality in each batch. It's always roasted to order, so the flavor and freshness are top-notch.

And best of all, Atlas Coffee Club really offers you "coffee you can't find anywhere else." With Atlas, we've been able to try coffees from Zambia, El Salvador, Indonesia, Malawi, and more. Atlas helps you explore different parts of the world through coffee and discover what makes coffee from each country distinct (and tasty!).

Plus, receiving a new coffee each month helps you mix up your morning routine.

The verdict is in: our coffee-loving editors are never going back to coffee from the shelves. A world tour of coffee with Atlas Coffee Club is your best bet for fresh, flavorful coffee from around the globe - try the club today to start exploring the world of coffee with Atlas.

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