Everything You Need To Know About Eight Sleep's Pod.

Everything You Need To Know About Eight Sleep's Pod.

Hands up if you're sick of your mattress? The truth is, most of us are sleeping on a mattress we bought years ago. It seemed like a great purchase at the time, but now you're ready for an upgrade. If you're looking to optimize your sleep, a dynamic cooling bed is a great choice. It's a futuristic option that can make your life simpler in so many ways...kind of like magic. It helps you live a healthier life by telling you how you're sleeping through the night, your heart and respiratory rates and when your sleep was interrupted. You can even make one side of the bed warmer through a couple clicks on the app. Want fresh coffee brewing when you wake up in the morning? Your mattress can do that for you. We tried an Eight Sleep Pod, and we're here to answer all your questions.

What is a Pod?

The Pod is a premium mattress that can heat and cool different sides of the bed (no more fighting over blankets), monitor your heart rate, note when you fall asleep, and the temperature of the room. It has built-in technology that communicates with your smart devices (think your phone, Alexa, etc.).You can see how you're sleeping and control the smart mattress functions right from an app on your phone. It can even wake you up via a smart alarm that goes off at the right time in your sleep cycle, so you'll actually wake up happy and well-rested.

Can I control the temperature of the Pod?

The best part of this Pod? It's the only one on the market that allows both sides of the bed to be contrasting temperatures, anywhere from 55 to 110 degrees. The innovative mattress uses The Hub, a dynamic water tank that's built into the Pod. It alters the temperature so you can reach the optimum cooling levels for a satisfying night's rest. Temperature sensors continually work throughout the night to keep your bed consistent and balanced as you indicate on your app, making your night's sleep the coolest possible.

How's the actual mattress?

Amazing! The Pod is s designed for maximum comfort. Engineered from durable, premium foam, 4 layers of foam to be exact, equipped for the perfect mix of plush comfort, firm support, and dynamic cooling technology. And, no, you don't need specially sized sheets or a custom foundation - The Pod works with standard bed accessories.

How's the sleep on a Pod?

Dreamy! This is the mattress for you if you're looking to optimize your sleep. Keeping track of your sleep data means you can actually know why you've been sleeping poorly, rather than just guessing. After looking at my sleep data, I realized I slept best on nights when I went to bed before midnight, and when my side of the bed was -3 on the app. I can't always control if I need to work late, but at least I'm getting quality sleep with the time I do have.

Does Eight Sleep have financing?

They have a "Sleep Now, Pay Later" option, which means you can put zero money down at the time of purchase, and then pay as low as $70 a month. Definitely the best deal out there for a mattress with so many features.

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