The Watch Renaissance: Summer’s Favorite Accessory Is A Classic

The Watch Renaissance: Summer’s Favorite Accessory Is A Classic

I am the type of person who never takes their jewelry off. I have eight fingers adorned with silver, un-tarnishing rings that last through ocean swims and every shower. I wear a necklace that may as well be permanently clasped on my neck, and I have a bracelet tagline. I believe in the power of accessorizing, and I think you should, too.

You see, while some live by the “less is more” mentality, I’m more for accessorizing like a true maximalist. I want stacks of bracelets and rings that barely have a cohesive look…and yes, I mix gold and silver (don’t stop reading, please!)

But don’t get it twisted, I don’t necessarily buy into every jewelry trend like I do with makeup. I have what works for me and that’s that. It’s a collection of old and new: rings that have been gifted to me and a necklace that's simple enough to match every outfit. I have a staple pair of tiny hoops, which in my opinion will never go out of style.

So I know about the initial necklace trends (I’m looking at you, oversized Anthropologie monogram necklace.) And I also know that some of these trends are going to cycle out of style. But there’s one classic accessory that remains prevalent time and time again (literally.)

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Years ago, I sported a rose gold watch on my wrist with my “fancier” outfits. It was my way of establishing myself as a young woman, but truly it didn’t matter if it worked or not. A watch is my favorite sassy way of telling people they’re taking up too much of my sweet time. An eye roll, an exaggerated sigh, and a glance at my wrist are all I need to show them.

And I’ve been seeing more and more watches reappear on the wrists of everyone not only as an office-wear accessory but as an everyday member of their outfits. I’m not going to lie, I’m sold. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but I’m here for the watch resurgence.

How To Pick The Perfect Watch For You

When picking a watch, you want to think about your preferred shade: gold or silver. Don’t choose what you think other people will compliment you on, but what you normally wear. If you are adamant about your jewelry matching, choose the color you have on now.

Generally, the rule of thumb is that warmer tones wear gold and cooler tones wear silver. So, if you have yellow or golden hues in your skin, gold jewelry could be a better fit. If you have pink or rosy undertones, you probably will want to go silver. However, as someone with rosy tones, I don’t shy away from gold.

For me, I wanted a thin watch to be able to stack with bracelets cohesively, so I kept that in mind while shopping. I didn’t want it to steal the show, so I was looking for a sleeker design than a normal statement watch. It’s also important to note that gold can be more expensive because it’s more rare.

The Best Watches For Summer 2023

Now that we (hopefully) know what metal we want, it’s time to pick the best watch for you. I’ve hand-selected a few watches that fit any gender so you don’t have to worry about combing through websites.

My favorite brand lately has been Armitron, which has innovated the timepiece community. Their watches are high quality, affordable, and most importantly, give the essence of quiet luxury and understated glamor that we all want. Here are my picks:

Best Pop Of Color Watch: Armitron Loves Johnny Collection


Armitron’s collab with Johnny Wujek brings a splash of color to any outfit! From the mind of the king of pop-rock couture, Johnny’s Bloom, Love, and Pride Watches are all gorgeous ways to spice up your watch collection.

Best Sustainably Made Watch: Armitron WAVE Collection


Made from recycled ocean plastic, Armitron’s WAVE Collection has a great message: we need to end single-use plastic. Eight million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean, so Armitron collaborated with Tide Ocean SA to help put an end to ocean pollution.

Best Watches For Couples: Armitron Ross & Rachel Duo Collection


If you have an engagement or wedding to celebrate, or want to get your significant other a watch to match, these are the watches for you. Inspired by two very beloved television characters, these make for a great wedding gift.

Best Thin Watch: Armitron Tilly


This watch exudes elegance, with a thin band and rectangular face, it’s an ideal stacking watch. You have the option of gold, silver, or leather bands that make for the best-best everyday watch. I chose the silver and keep getting compliments on it every day.

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