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We Tried Whitening Our Teeth With ARC. Here’s What Happened.

It seems like every time we open our phones; there's some new product being promoted by all of the top beauty influencers. But by the time you buy whatever hot product is #trending, something else has already stolen the limelight.

Fear not, fellow beauty junkies. Our editors try all of the hottest new products that are taking the cosmetic world by storm. We're here to decipher the must-haves from the can-do-without. Teeth whitening has been a hot topic in the beauty world for the last few years, and it's clear that this trend isn't going anywhere, because let's face it - a beautiful smile never goes out of style. We get it; you're sick of seeing those before and after photos where literally the only difference is that the lighting has been brightened! From charcoal toothpaste to swilling coconut oil, oral health has seen some pretty bizarre fads over the last few years.

Recently, we came across a new teeth whitening product that really caught our attention. ARC Teeth Whitening Kits are taking at-home whitening methods to another level. We've tried every trick in the book when it comes to making our pearly whites look their best. But what made us pay attention to ARC was the combination of effective whitening strips and the Pod. All you have to do is pop the strips on, and go about your normal routine. Pop in the Blue Light for the last 5 minutes, and bam! - hello gorgeous smile. The blue light activates the ingredients in the strips for even better results. The whole process is super quick and pain-free.

The ARC Blue Light Whitening Kit provides professional-level results at home, for a fraction of what you'd pay at the dentist's office. It's a 14-day treatment plan, but we noticed improvement after just a few days. You can do the entire 2-week treatment at once, or use a strip every now and then as a touch-up before a job interview or a first date!

So, whether you want to go a few shades whiter, or just maintain your already picture-perfect smile, ARC Whitening Strips and Kits are the best way to get radiant results. What we love most about this Kit compared to others is that it only takes 30 minutes and fits so seamlessly into our regular routine. Plus, no messy black toothpaste that stains the sink! Plus, the multi-colored kaleidoscope packaging is gorgeous - we're all about the aesthetic.

We're all guilty of using an app or filter to alter our online appearance - no judgment! But with ARC, we can actually feel confident in our real-life selves.

Update: ARC is offering our readers $20 OFF. 60-Day money back guarantee & free shipping. Get yours today!

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