Anybody Can Invest. Here’s How You Can Do it Better.

If you don't know Jim Cramer as one of America's most respected investment pros and media personalities, you know him because he's one of the most successful hedge fund managers in Wall Street history. Not only has Cramer's educational finance show Mad Money been on CNBC for over a decade, he's also spent 14 years managing money for some of the wealthiest families in the world through the hedge fund he founded, Cramer Berkowitz: a fund that generated an annual average return of 24%!

Jim's current portfolio, Action Alerts PLUS, goes toe-to-toe with major stock indices like the S&P; 500 every trading day. How? Jim and his team analyze the business behind each stock, and understand the fundamentals of each business, allowing them to successfully navigate the market for decades. And now, Jim is offering subscriber access to his entire portfolio so you can make trades before he does. The offerings of his service are hard for any level investor to pass up because Jim Cramer and his team at Action Alerts PLUS, teach you how to successfully invest in the market.

Here's how Action Alerts PLUS works: when you signup, Jim Cramer and TheStreet research team will grant you complete unfettered access to Cramer's stock portfolio, and send you email alerts before Cramer makes each trades so you can invest alongside of him. It's like—well, it is—getting a skilled money manager's insight, while still maintaining the control to invest as you please. You'll also receive the analysis behind each of his trading decisions, snapshots of important events that are taking place in the market, plus valuable bonus reports to help you get started investing the way Jim Cramer does: Jim Cramer's Ten Commandments of Trading, Cramer's 25 Rules for Investors, and 7 Mistakes Every Investor Must Avoid. Not to mention, Cramer is offering a free, no obligation, 14-day trial for Topdust readers through this link.

But perhaps the most awe-inspiring of the offering is that you get immediate access to Jim's multi-million dollar portfolio, even with your free trial subscription. Last week, I signed up for my free trial to Action Alerts PLUS, and right away, I could see all the stocks Jim has ever bought/sold for the portfolio as well as the buy prices and current prices. During just the first 7 days of a 14-day trial, I received two trade alerts before Jim Cramer bought so a subscriber could buy them when he did. Both stocks were already up more than 3% in just the first few days!

Because Jim's sound investment strategy has proven to be effective, and because of the invaluable education offered by the subscription, we're calling Action Alerts PLUS a must-buy product for investors of every skill-level—whether you want to invest, learn, or just sneak a peek at Jim's portfolio.

Update: Jim Cramer is extending a special offer to our readers! Follow this link to get your FREE, no obligation 14-day trial to get instant access to Cramer's entire portfolio! (He'll also send you a copy of his bestselling book: “Get Rich Carefully" free with no strings attached!)