How Angi Saved Us From Our Home Improvement Woes

Homeowner who is getting ready to partner with Angi

We were all excited about our big move until we were actually all moved in.

That's when we realized how many things needed to be fixed or upgraded. The pipes in both our bathrooms were leaking, we wanted recessed lights installed in the kitchen, and my entire family agreed that only a professional should paint the family room this time (our last attempt didn't go as planned!).

Since we had just moved into a new home in a new city, we couldn’t call our usual handyman, who had been helping our family for years. So I decided to do a Google search but was flustered at how many experts I uncovered in our new area.

I had a million questions. "How do I know which professional is the right choice for my project?"

My partner and I decided to do more research before making a rushed decision and hiring the wrong professional. A few days later, I confided in a coworker, and she told me about an ad she had seen for something called Angi that might be able to help.

Of course, after work that night, I ran home to check out Angi - a company matching homeowners with specialized professionals who have the necessary experience to complete your next home project.

I decided I had nothing to lose. Besides, we needed someone to inspect our bathroom pipes before it was too late.

But do they really vet these professionals?”

My partner’s question made me hesitate for a moment. I knew that if this didn’t work, we’d give up and make another attempt at fixing it ourselves.

Once we discovered that, to work with Angi, the owner or principal of a business must pass a background check. All businesses in the network have to maintain an overall average of three stars or greater (out of five) to stay in the network. Angi is committed to maintaining a network of reliable home service businesses.

Since we knew they vetted their pros, we had to give Angi a try.

The Angi site was easier to navigate than I had anticipated and the questions asked were straightforward and to the point; it was clear right away that they wanted to match me with the right professional.

My partner and I could browse professionals in our area, and once we filled out a quick questionnaire, we could see an even more specialized list of plumbing professionals Angi felt would be able to complete our specific project. Angi allowed my partner and me to request and compare quotes from all of the highly-rated pros near us - that way we knew we’d get a competitive price on our project. We were even able to read reviews left by our new neighbors, which helped give an honest perspective on each professional.

When we were ready, we were able to instantly book the professional we felt would complete the job the way we had envisioned. I have to be honest, we were both impressed with how quickly the professional we hired reached out to us.

The scheduled day finally came, and the pro we found on Angi was punctual, polite and knowledgeable, plus they were ready to answer any of the questions my partner or I had about the process or project. Though everything went better than expected, it was reassuring to know Angi had our backs and that we could reach out to their customer support team who were ready to assist us anytime.

This entire process was seamless, which also helped alleviate any fears we had. Since I booked and paid for the project through Angi Pay (linked to my digital wallet), we were covered by their Happiness Guarantee: Angi promised to cover the project up to the full purchase price plus limited damage protection. So, if for any reason we were unsatisfied with our project, Angi would have worked to make it right. Learn more at

Thankfully, we were not only happy with the final results but with the entire process. Choosing to let Angi match us with an experienced plumber was the best decision we could've made.

I know who I am turning to the next time I have a home project on the horizon!

If you're ready to transform your space into the home of your wildest dreams, it's time to let Angi match you with an experienced professional who can help.

See How Angi Can Help Connect You With Local Pros Today!

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