Save Money With Amazon Dupes Of TikTok’s Fave Products

Save Money With Amazon Dupes Of TikTok’s Fave Products

It’s my job to keep up with trends, but even I can’t get my hands on all the products everyone wants to try. Thanks to influencers and TikTok virality, you have to be quick — and have a bottomless budget. Even gatekeeping won’t keep you safe.

At this point, we have to stock up on our fave items just in case they go viral or sell out. If you find a store that carries one, you may as well buy two. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and I’ve fallen victim one too many times.

But here’s the thing with buying a dupe…there’s sometimes a reason that these products are so inexpensive. Most dupes don’t actually compare to the real thing. They can fall short in many ways: worse ingredients, less pigmentation, and lower quality.

But when a dupe is good, you can avoid the brand markups and keep the quality. It’s the best of both worlds.

I’m a big fan of saving money where I can. Especially when it comes to viral products that I want, but don’t necessarily need. If I manage to find a quality dupe for a luxury product, then you can guarantee I am adding it to cart.

And where does one go to solve any minor inconvenience in their lives? Yup. Amazon. Quick shipping and a world full of dupes on Jeff Bezos’ platform.

So, if the product you wanted is sold out, or you just want to save a few dollars…here are my favorite Amazon dupes that won’t end up in the trash two days later.

If You Want The Dyson Air Wrap...


We all want the shiny, quick blowout but we don’t all have $600 to spare on a hair tool. No matter what, that’s more than a car payment and only in my wildest dreams could I afford one.

Luckily the Dyson Air Wrap was such a viral product that TikTok was dedicated to finding a dupe for…and they did! Amazon has this Hair Dryer Brush Set for $83 that comes with detachable brushes. If you want the classic curls, this air drying wand will do just the trick for $35.

If You Want The Dior Lip Balm...


I rarely leave the house without some form of lip product in my purse. The Dior Lip Balm is one of my favorites, but it also borders $40. Instead, the L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Balm gives you the same pop of color and moisturizing effect…for $11.99.

If You Want Drunk Elephant Products...

Drunk Elephant

Drunk Elephant products are aesthetically pleasing and can seriously break the bank. If you want to save serious money, put your favorite moisturizer in these Airless Pump Jars that look exactly like the Drunk Elephant moisturizer jars.

Mix your serums with your moisturizer and enjoy! If you want a dupe for the moisturizer itself, this Collagen Peptide one will give you the same plumpness and hydration that Drunk Elephant gives.

If You Want The Beís Bag...


I’m a huge fan of Shay Mitchell’s Beis brand, but I can’t always spend $90 on a carry-on…no matter how special it is. The Weekender bags are notorious for their extra compartments for wet clothes and shoes, and they are perfect for travel.

For $40, you can get this Amazon dupe and save a few bucks.

If You Want Lululemon Leggings....


I live in my Lulu leggings and I’d rather go out in a pair of Aligns than anything else. Yet, it’s hard to afford a whole closet of Lululemon. And since the Align collection is so popular, it’s hard to even get a pair in your size.

Amazon makes a plethora of Lululemon legging dupes, but these are my favorite. They feel the closest to the soft, thin Align material and have a pocket for your phone.

If You Want The Skims Dress...


The Skims maxi dress is worth every penny. It hugs your curves and creates an hourglass illusion for anyone who puts it on. And it’s $78.

This dupe is $27 and looks identical to the Skims version. Everyone raves about how high quality the material is and how it looks just as flattering.

If You Want The Barefoot Dreams Blanket...

Barefoot Dreams

Barefoot Dreams blankets are heavenly. They are super soft and make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. With a price tag around $85 a blanket, they’re a luxury purchase.

Of course Amazon has some dupes that look the exact same as a Barefoot Dreams blanket. Nap on!

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