All the Reasons Grammarly Makes Applying For Your Dream Job Easy

All the Reasons Grammarly Makes Applying For Your Dream Job Easy

Applying for a job is the first part of the hiring process and something many will work on well after graduation.

A well polished application shows you’re interested in joining the prospective company and offers employers a look into your education background, work experience and skill sets. However, writing a job application that catches the Hiring Manager's eye and gets you an invitation to an interview can be challenging.

Not only do you have to find a way to convey years of work history in a single page, but you also have to avoid making spelling and grammar mistakes that are oftentimes hard to catch. Your job application may be your first contact with a potential employer, so make it count! You can only make a first impression once.

To help our college-level readers feel more confident when preparing for their applications, our editors took to the internet and found a cloud-based writing assistant that takes all the guesswork out of excellent writing: Grammarly!

Here are 3 reasons why we recommend Grammarly for all future job applicants:

Write confident & typo-free

Grammarly can help you achieve flawless writing with thorough grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks that allow you to feel confident when preparing your job application. The writing assistant will not just guide you in your mistakes but provide you with the right tools you need to continue to improve your writing.

Convenient & easy to use

Grammarly is compatible with all devices and provides an all-in-one experience that helps writers communicate clearly and effectively any place, any time. Once Grammarly is set up on your computer, it can jump in wherever you need it, including Word, Pages, email, desktop applications, and even web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and more – no copying or pasting required!

It’s free

Going to college is anything but cheap – from high tuition and other mandatory fees to living and travel expenses, the balance can start to pile up. That’s why our editors wanted to find a totally free writing assistant. To use Grammarly’s spelling, grammar, and punctuation check, all you need to do is create an account and download the software to your computer, and done!

Bonus Reasons

Grammarly also offers a premium version that can improve your writing by providing style, tone, and clarity suggestions.

  • Delivery

With Grammarly’s Premium Version, you get suggestions on improving the tone, confidence, politeness, and formality of your writing.

  • Engagement

Furthermore, the software will suggest compelling vocabulary and tips on making your sentences more lively and more engaging with your target audience.

  • Clarity

Lastly, you will get clarity-focused sentence suggestions and formatting tips to improve the overall flow of your text.

When it comes down to it, writing a job application doesn’t have to be scary.

With Grammarly, you can work on your applications confidently without worrying about grammar mistakes or long, complicated sentences that are difficult to understand.

Get the free writing assistance you deserve with instant corrections and suggestions that take your job applications to the next level.

Click this link now to try Grammarly for free!

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