best fall blazers for women

7 Affordable Fall Blazers That'll Change Your Life

Have you ever heard of a power blazer?

Throw a blazer over any outfit, and BOOM! You're a chic businesswoman on her way to a power lunch. Few articles of clothing truly have the ability to transform an attitude and an outfit the way a blazer does, so this fall, listen to the Succession theme song one more time, throw on a gorgeous blazer, and go take over the world.

Classic Knit Herringbone Inverted Collar Blazer from Banana Republic

You can always count on Banana Republic for solid staple pieces. This blazer, which is currently only $39.99, features a unique inverted collar. Plus, there's something about the brand that just screams "I've got my sh*t together, I've never blacked out on Smirnoff Ices and woken up without my debit card, I'm a high functioning adult," even if you did that just last week.

Price: $39.99

Shop the look here.

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