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Everything You Need To Know About The First At-Home Bubble Tea

From Lemonkind!

We've all experienced the afternoon snack attack: suddenly, you're starving.

The nutritious lunch you had is long, long gone and you reach for the first high calorie, low nutrient thing you see - it's a familiar story.

Lemonkind feels your struggle - that's why they created a drink that's filling, delicious, nutritious, and fun (yes, the chewy bubbly kind of fun!): Meet their new adaptogenic bubble tea.

With AMAZING flavors and so many beneficial ingredients, it's designed to satisfy your taste buds and keep you feeling full without adding pounds; at only 120 calories per super satiating drink, it's fantastic for managing weight.

Questions? Here's everything you need to know about the world's first ready-to-drink bubble tea that's actually good for you.

What is bubble tea?

Also known as boba tea, this Taiwanese sweet drink comes in many sweet flavors and is accompanied by boba "pearls" - juicy spheres usually made out of tapioca that burst in your mouth.

How is Lemonkind's at-home bubble tea different?

You still get fun flavors and chewy pearls, but everything is made to balance your body. At only 120 calories per serving and no added sugars, it's a tasty treat that will also manage your weight. It's filling, thanks to pea protein, and has many benefits, thanks to a range of adaptogens and antioxidants like maca, rose hips, maitake mushroom, and ashitaba.

What are the pearls made of?

Instead of mainly starchy tapioca syrup, Lemonkind's boba pearls are made of konjac. Konjac is an Asian plant known for its satiating nature.

It's high in fiber, and extremely low in carbs and calories. It's got the chewiness boba tea lovers love and these float, so you don't need a straw so it is better for the environment!

Is it sweet?

It's got a yummy sweetness to it, thanks to high-grade stevia and allulose, two naturally sweet ingredients that will not spike your blood sugar or provide a weird aftertaste.

What are the flavors?

The caffeinated ones are Dark Chocolate Oolong Tea Latte, Arabica Coffee Yerba Mate Latte, and Ceremonial Matcha Moringa Latte.

The decaf ones (perfect late afternoon/bedtime snack) are Turmeric Vanilla Golden Latte and Maqui Berry Dandelion Tea Latte.

How do you make it?

If you get the Lemonkind shaker bottle, fill it up to the 240 ML line with room temperature water. (Without the shaker, about a cup of water.) Add in one packet of pearls, then the flavor of choice, and then shake! About 30 seconds of shaking is fine and then it's ready to drink. That's really it! No boba boiling, here.

To make it cold, add a few ice cubes after shaking. You can also skip the boba and drink it as a delicious hot latte!

There's nothing else like this stuff. Lemonkind is the first to perfect the at-home boba tea experience, while creating a formula that will fill you up and taste yummilicious.

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