A curling wand to beat all others

A curling wand to beat all others

This wand might replace some things in your hair-care arsenal you never thought you'd let go of

The Pro Silk Ceramic Curling Wand by Remington has been a godsend for me. I've never been able to curl my hair. It sounds ridiculous, but leave-in curlers, hot rollers, and even curling irons have always defeated me. Either my hair came out as a crazy mess, curled in unflattering ways, or I couldn't help but get creases and dents in it because of the iron's metal plates. I was hopeless-- Or so I thought!

The Pro Silk Ceramic Curling Wand has changed everything for me.

Step one, turn it on. I have thick hair and use the hottest temperatures on both my straightener and my curling wand, but this does give you the option to go with less extreme options if you have thinner hair or just don't want things to get that hot.

Once it's all toasty, it's time to start curling! Now, I've always had trouble with traditional curling irons because of the metal plate. Other people seem to have no problem, but I always end up putting a crimp in my hair at some point with that thing. That's why I love the Pro Silk Ceramic Curling Wand-- no metal plates! You just wrap your hair around the wand and there you go!

I also like the feature the wand has where you can lock the temperature controls. That way, if you bump them or even the power button while curling, you don't accidentally change the temperature or turn the unit off.

It's hard to see in my video, but I'm pointing out the little lock icon and then showing you how I can now press all the buttons without changing any settings.

And now, it's time to curl! I washed my hair last night and do not have any product in my hair. If I want the curls to stay, I often use a gentle hold hairspray, but whatever product you like should also work just as well.

Just like normal, you'll section out your hair into whatever size chunk you want to curl. You can curl your hair around any portion of the tapered wand for your desired curl size. Today, I went for smaller, springy curls.

This is probably a good time to mention that this curling wand does come with a heat glove that you can use to avoid touching the hot surface of the wand when you curl. I've never had a problem with keeping my hand away from the hot parts, so I don't use it, but it can definitely come in handy if you want to be sure your fingers are safe from burns.

Anyway, so curl your hair around the wand like above, and then count out a few seconds and release. It's really that simple!

Move onto the next section of hair, curl, count, repeat!

You would, of course, do this all around. I didn't for sake of this video, but I think you get the idea! Once you're done, you can soften your curls a bit, add product, or do further styling.

This product is easily one of my favorites in my hair care routine now. I, Mrs.-Does't-Know-How-to-Curl used this product to do my hair for my recent wedding. It has really changed up my hairstyle options and made something I never thought I'd be able to do easy and accessible.

You can get the Pro Silk Ceramic Curling Wand on Amazon, Walmart, Target, and just about anywhere that carries Remington products.

If you want a quick and classy curl, the Pro Silk Ceramic Curling Wand is exactly what you need!

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