9 Reasons Why I Joined a Wine Club

9 Reasons Why I Joined a Wine Club

We all love wine, but many of us haven't considered joining a wine club. That's because they're often expensive, and most clubs aren't likely send you wine you'll enjoy more than the one's you'd chose for yourself. My friend convinced me otherwise with the following 9 reasons, which we now toast to, thanks to what we discovered to be the wine club for us modern day wine drinkers, Top18.

Top18 brings you the greatest wines, sourced from all over the globe, personalized just for you! Plus, you get to try the wines before you buy them. Here's why my friend and I decided to join:

1. Wine is the best. Plus it gets you buzzed.

2. Going to the liquor store for wine is so old school...

3. Being in a wine club make you feel like a total baller!

4. I hate running out of new options.

5. Wine clubs are the perfect excuse to always be "tasting".

6. I'm so tired of giant wine companies getting all the attention.

7. You're always prepared for the perfect for date night

8. Usually the really good stuff is WAY too expensive.

9. But my wine club is super affordable, PLUS everything they send me tastes AMAZING!

If you're looking for the best of the best wine club that's right in your budget, Lot18 has you covered with their try before you buy model, which allows you to sample adorable mini bottles before your next shipment with wines priced at just $13/bottle.

Plus, they guarantee satisfaction on each bottle or they'll replace it for free. Having tried way more than 18 bottles on their site, I'm all for it. Your tasting kit is waiting for you now, and you can cancel at anytime.

Update: The folks at Lot18 are extending a special offer for our readers! Follow this link to receive your first tasting kit ($40 value) for only $6.95 plus a discount on your first customized case!

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