7 Tips For Dog Health: How To Give Your Dog A Long & Healthy Life

When I first brought home my dog Cleo, I thought premium dry food was the best of the best. But in reality, the kibble I was giving her was actually really bad for her and was filled with all sorts of harmful ingredients.

Thankfully, my best friend is a certified canine nutritionist and has taught me tons about the right way to feed my dog. Her secret is Ollie.

It's a customized dog food company, and you can get samples of their most popular dishes to first determine if your picky pup will like it.

Since switching to Ollie, I've seen the real difference healthier ingredients can make. Here's what you need to know:

Avoid wheat and stick to a diet rich in protein.

Most shelf-stable dog food is loaded with processed grains and wheat - this can mean lethargy and GI problems for your pup. Ollie delivers food that is rich in protein and lower in processed grains, so your dog will have more energy and reap the benefits of a healthier diet.

Buy human-grade only.

Many types of dog food are classified as "feed" which means companies can legally use the meat from dead, dying, diseased, and disabled animals to make the food.

Human-grade simply means that the food is made of high-quality ingredients that are edible by humans. No harmful traces of euthanasia drugs or chemicals/food dyes appear in human-grade dog food.

Watch out for the ingredient listed as "meal" on the label.

"Meat meal," often called chicken meal or beef meal, is just another way of saying "rendered" meat - the by-products or meat from fallen animals.

Ingredients that show up in "rendered" meat might include materials like plastic, blood, feathers, and even roadkill.

Fresh food and ingredients are better.

Shelf-stable and canned dog food have to go through so much processing that it's basically stripped of all nutrients by the time it arrives at the store. So to make up for this, processed dog food is injected with synthetic vitamins and minerals and artificial flavors to make the kibble even edible.

This is extremely unhealthy for the dog and can affect their entire system from digestive issues, low energy, weight gain, unhealthy coat, and skin, and can lead to degenerative disease.

Understand the ideal portions for your breed.

It is well-known that health affects lifespan, and a dog that is at a healthy weight is more likely to live a longer life than an overweight one. Many dog food brands give you a ballpark range for your dog or just classify dogs as adult or puppy.

There are many more factors that constitute an ideal diet besides just weight range, and Ollie understands that. Other traits personalized to your dog should all be considered - like activity level, health issues, and how much your dog eats. Ollie's proprietary algorithm takes this information to determine the best meal plan for your dog.

Beware of preservatives.

Kibble and traditional dog food are often filled with artificial preservatives and chemicals in order to stretch out its shelf life for months or even years (real food should not last this long!).

Some of these artificial preservatives are the same chemicals used in pesticides and even in the production of rubber. Ollie delivers directly to consumers, so there's no need for harmful chemicals that can pose a risk of toxicity to your dog.

Know the foods that are safe to feed your dog.

Everyone knows you shouldn't give your dog chocolate, but do you know what foods are safe and actually healthy for your dog? Ollie does! Some recipes include carrots, sweet potatoes, kale, blueberries, rosemary, basil, and even chia seeds. Almost sounds like something you'd eat, right? That's the point - human-grade.

Can You Remember All That? Ollie's Got You Covered!

Ollie will send you fresh, all-natural meals consisting of the finest, human-grade ingredients. Ollie customizes a menu for your dog backed by certified canine nutritionists and ensures that the food is always gently cooked in a USDA-regulated kitchen to provide the highest quality and safety. Ollie takes your dog's health seriously and knows that a healthy pup is a happy pup (and a happy you!).

Dogs love Ollie, but if you're even a little skeptical, you can get a $15 sample of all 4 of their most popular Ollie blends. Let your pup decide if Ollie's right for them.

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