5 Tips For New Puppy Parents

5 Tips For New Puppy Parents

Dog ownership is one of life’s great joys, but it is definitely not a walk in the park! For every belly rub or lick comes with an accident on the floor that you have to clean up. Just like humans, no two dogs are the same and you will learn the personality of your pup as you both grow - honestly, that is one of my favorite parts when raising a dog! After raising a few dogs over my life, here are the 5 most important things you should know when raising your best friend:

1. A Vet you can trust

I know we hate dreading the doctors, but finding a Vet you can trust is extremely important and something you should do right away. Whether you rescued your pup or bought them from a breeder, you should bring them in to make sure they have all the vaccinations they need. They will also help you find the best flea/tick and heartworm preventatives. You want to make sure your pup's health is in-check and consistent visits are essential to catching any unusual condition early.

2. A healthy diet (we love Spot & Tango)

What we feed our pups has a serious impact on their overall health and well-being. For instance, pet obesity is a huge issue that can affect your little one's health. Take a closer look at what goes into their daily meals every day. If you need guidance on high-quality food and intelligent portions, check out Spot & Tango.

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3. Exercise!

Fresh air and daily exercise are important to you and your pup. And not just for your physical health but also mental wellbeing!

In order to make leaving the house more fun, try changing up your routine with walks, runs, and day trips. Instead of walking the same old neighborhood roads day after day, explore new routes. For an extra fun adventure, let your furry friend's nose guide the way every now and again. You'll be surprised where you'll end up!

4. Consistent Training!

The first few days (or even months) at your home will be tough for your new pet. It will take time for your new pet to relax into his new environment and to trust you as his caretaker. Be patient and practice positive reinforcement to teach your dog the house rules and how you expect him to behave. Develop a daily routine to make your dog more comfortable as he settles in. Consistency, stability, and predictability are the keys to keeping anxiety to a minimum during the early days!

5. Make time for play dates

Dogs love to hang out and play with their owners but cavorting with other dogs can be double the fun. Just like we enjoy socializing, pups need their own circle of buds, too! The first step is to locate a dog park in your neighborhood.

These parks are not only great for your companion to mingle with others, but for you as well! You can exchange tips and tricks with other doggy parents while also getting in some exercise. But always be mindful of park rules and be cautious when introducing your pup to other canines.

Being a dog parent is not easy, but it is extremely rewarding! With consistent love and training, you will have a loyal, best friend before you know it.

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