5 Things I was Surprised To Learn About Green Chef

5 Things I was Surprised To Learn About Green Chef

I always say I want to be healthier, but actually making it happen is tough. Lately, I’m more determined than ever to make it happen, with the first step being food.

I needed to make huge changes to my diet - stop snacking between meals, and no more living on takeout and frozen food which could save me a bundle. My first instinct was to cook for myself. However, by two months in I was living on my homemade vegetable soup that I got totally sick of.

Yes, my vegetable soup is amazing and it was great knowing exactly what was going into it. And although cooking’s kind of therapeutic, there was no way I was gonna survive on variations of my same old recipes, not to mention wasting 3 hours prepping. There had to be an alternative.

When I asked co-workers for suggestions, they mentioned Green Chef, a recipe box that makes eating healthy simple. It’s incredibly popular in the US and is now in the UK. I’d never tried a recipe box before. I worried they’d be complicated, have a million ingredients, and taste blah. Since Green Chef came highly recommended, I decided to at least give their website a look.

The one thing I immediately loved was the fact that I wouldn’t be tied to a contract. I could pause, skip or cancel at any time (which made giving the recipe box a try easier). When looking into the website, I learned a few surprising things about Green Chef.

Green Chef has different plans for different diets. So whether you prefer Keto, Vegetarian, Vegan, Lower Carb, or Flexitarian meals, there are options for you. You can choose between 2 or 4 people and either 3 or 4 meals a week.

Green Chef sends pre-portioned ingredients from local suppliers wherever possible, making their produce incredibly fresh. Their fresh meat is British and they’re also part of the Sustainable Seafood Coalition.

Green Chef’s weekly rotating recipes are nutritionist-approved and chef-curated. Their wide range of recipes allow you to sample meals from all over the world. And their colourful step-by-step recipe cards detail the entire process so you’re not alone.

Green Chef is super convenient. There’s no meal-planning, hunting for ingredients or prepping. Everything’s delivered right to your door every week. In addition, their meals cook in approximately 30-minutes or less, giving you back a lot of precious time.

Green Chef’s meals cost £2.82 per serving - scroll down for special discount - which works out to around £12.45 a week - much cheaper than your grocery bill or takeaway!

After considering all they had, I signed up for 2 servings 3 times a week to start. The day my box arrived, I eagerly opened it and everything was neatly packed. I couldn’t wait to tuck in for dinner. The Cod in Mushroom & Tarragon Sauce With Spring Greens only took 25 minutes to cook - even quicker than takeaway! - and tasted delicious.

It’s a week later, I feel so incredible. My energy’s boosted and I’m so happy that I’m sticking to my goal of eating healthy. I’m actually on track for a healthier life. Green Chef provides everything I need - nutritious food that’s convenient and doesn’t empty my wallet.

For anyone looking to eat more nutritiously, more intelligently, I’d highly recommend Green Chef.

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