5 Reasons Why You Should Lounge in This Outdoor Hammock

5 Reasons Why You Should Lounge in This Outdoor Hammock

It's summertime, and that means we'll be spending a lot of time outdoors. And what better way to relax then to stretch out between some trees on a hammock? Nothing says me-time like the Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest Hammock. Here's why.

5. It's durable.

Whether you're hiking, boating, or taking a trip across the country, the SingleNest will not let you down. It's versatile for backyard relaxing or heavy duty adventuring.

4. It's a snap to set up.

You don't necessarily need trees around to set this hammock up. The stainless-steel snap links are a tight fit around any secure grounding pole. It also has aluminum Wiregate Carabiners and a nautical grade line.

3. Bring it with you everywhere.

The hammock can be easily stuffed into its attached compression stuff sack, so you can bring it with you on all of your adventures. When it's packed down, it's only about the size of a softball, and light enough to go right into your backpack.

2. It's safe.

It holds up to 400 pounds due to its triple interlocking stitching and breathable nylon taffeta. So you'll be sure that you're not going anywhere.

1. It's the perfect way to relax this summer.

Be at one with nature with this outdoor essential. At under $60, you'll get many uses out of it. The hammock comes in a variety of colors and is a perfect size. That's why we love it.

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