5 Reasons Why You Need Handy


There's a reason Handy is the most reliable way to book a home cleaning. The app connects you to top-rated cleaning professionals, and under the current circumstances, they have gone beyond the necessary requirements to help take care of customers and the professionals that give you a clean home.

Handy provides all the guidelines from the CDC to professionals and information on EPA approved cleaning products. In certain areas, residents are allowed to leave their homes to perform essential services such as cleaning, and other services that are necessary to maintain the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences. That's why Handy services continue to be available.

Handy is fast, convenient, and has an app designed to be easy to use and pros available as soon as the next day.

These are just a few reasons Handy is the best way to hire a cleaner, but there are so many more added perks.

A thorough vetting process: Professionals booked through Handy are carefully screened and verified. They are top-rated and located in hundreds of cities across the world.

Quick turnaround for scheduling appointments: You can schedule your cleaning service for the day and time you want, sometimes as early as tomorrow, so you don't need to rearrange your schedule around someone else's availability.

Customizable subscription: Choose from monthly, biweekly, or weekly cleaning frequencies. Customers can also sign up for longer in advance and in doing so, save more money.

Customizable cleaning plan: Specify exactly what cleaning services you want, and Handy will relay those instructions to your skilled cleaning pro.

Helping those in need: Handy has provided PPE (masks and gloves) to the professionals on the platform and has also made matching PPE donations to local hospitals for the frontline staff.

Not everyone feels like cleaning out every cupboard in their home right now. And why not come back to a shining home after a nice social distancing walk.

Handy wants to help keep everyone who uses their platform safe and healthy while still connecting customers to amazing home service professionals. And with everything they have put in place you can worry about one less thing.